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Michael D
Recommended Tongue tie problem was solved, guidance given after division, further guidance given on breastfeeding, nice environment, Suzanne is friendly, gentle, kind and professional.
Breastfeeding advice, not for me. For the benefit of other struggling mums looking specifically for overall breastfeeding help, I'm afraid I wouldn't recommend Babytobreast. After my appointment I didn't leave with any real tangible advice, nothing for me to go away and work on; other than a different style of latching which just did not work for me and baby, at all. Luckily, eventually, baby and I worked together and we're now happily still breast feeding. But I am sorry to say that it was no thanks to Babytobreast and at £90 a session that's a real shame.
Sarah davies
Tongue tie and high pallet I can not thank Suzanne enough for the difference she has made to both my daughter and myself! My daughter was 4weeks old by the time I managed to get in contact with Suzanne and have my babys tongue division, after several misdiagnosis from numerous health professionals! Suzanne's expertise and knowledge was such that she correctly diagnosed my daughters posterior tongue tie and High pallet over the phone from discription only! Which enabled me to purchase an Sns using her advice to allow us to express and breastfeed until she could perform the division. The division had immediate affects enabling my daughter to feed efficiently, stop crying and start sleeping.
Put at ease Suzanne was just marvellous. I was extremely anxious and actually dreading the appointment. But upon our very first interaction I felt immediately eased. She explained everything in such a way to make it understandable with plenty of time to ask questions if needed. The surgery itself was explained step by step and done with the utmost professionalism. Also after the procedure Suzanne helped with feeding and advised on positioning. A big concern of mine was our use of nipple shields, and she gave me some great advise about moving on without them and giving me an extra boost of confidence. Suzanne has a marvellous way with people and I’m really pleased to of had our daughter be treated by her.
Chris K
Great Service Great service, lovely lady help and advice was perfect and the surgery will be a piece of mind to us knowing our little boy is now pain/struggle free. Thanks
Very professional Very professional, provided us with lots of information and support around breastfeeding and post surgery care.
Excellent service Suzanne was highly professional & fantastic with our little baby boy, putting us all at ease. She found us an appointment quickly as we were keen to get his tongue tie sorted as soon as possible. The procedure itself was quick and painless. My husband & I hadn’t even realised that she had done it! Our baby’s latch is now much improved & he is feeding well. We are really thankful to Suzanne for helping us out. I would recommend Suzanne to other parents who’s baby has tongue tie.
Attachment advice We saw Suzanne with our first who treated her tongue tie. With my second I was keen to see Suzanne early on for attachment advice. Suzanne showed me a more laid back attachment approach and I went away with some photos and diagrams to refer back to. It’s taken a few weeks but I’m finally feeling more confident and feeding is more comfortable now at 9weeks. So pleased to be able to continue feeding, thankyou!
Lianne D
Brilliant! Great, prompt service by Suzanne. Made me feel at ease straight away, the procedure was quick and professional. Having my little boy’s tongue tie cut has had a brilliant effect on his feeding and has made him a much happier baby. Would highly recommend Suzanne to anyone! X
Jayne E
Feeds dramatically improved over night! My son was bottle feed due to failed breast feeding. Even on the bottle feeds were very difficult and stressful for all concerned. Suzanne corrected the tongue tie and recommended a change in bottle and feeds changed dramatically over night. We now have a happy baby and happy parents. Thank you very much.
Lindsey P
Really made me feel at ease Suzanne was great I didn’t even know that she had done my babies tongue tie. After she helped me get a better hold and latch for him making feeding so much more enjoyable. He is now feeding so much better.
Heather M
Great experience At no point did we feel pressurised to make a decision either way. Suzanne told us our baby had a midline tongue tie and a high palate so even if we went ahead with the procedure it might not solve our problems. The procedure was quick and we had some great advice given to us. It has made a difference, still not perfect but he's feeding better and happier. We would 100% recommend Suzanne. Thank you.
Patricia G
Worth every penny Thank you for treating our son’s severe tongue tie. Could not fault your service in any way. Highly professional, clearly competent and knowledgeable. 6 weeks down the line and our son is unwell and I’m so grateful that I’m able to breastfeed him and give him the best health wise.
Ellie H
Amazing! Such a calm and reassuring woman! Was perfect with both my sons! Thank you for your honest advice and amazing help!
Jemma W
Tongue Tie Assessment It was recommended that I seek a private evaluation of my son's tongue tie, and found Suzannes details online. The appointment was very thorough, with Suzanne being professional, knowledgeable and put both my husband and I at ease the whole time. I would recommend Babytobreast to anyone else wanting a quick assessment and professional service.
Katie O
Happy mummy and happy baby! Mum to baby boy
Minor posterior tongue tie Initially we were worried about having the procedure carried out but Suzanne was really lovely and made us feel at ease. It was very quick and our son didn’t even cry! Although it has not completely solved our issues (as he has a high palate too) I am able to continue to feed him a number of times a day which is brilliant. I’m certain I would be in a lot more pain or would have given up by now had we not had Suzanne’s help. Thanks
Rebecca Anderton
Amazing with both of our children Thank you for your swift and comprehensive diagnosis for both of our children. It's upsetting to watch, but you made us feel at ease and you took such a good amount of time with us, observing or daughter feed post tongue tie snip. I have recommended you to a number of people.
Kerry W
Excellent service We saw Suzanne when my son was a week old for a tongue tie division. She fit us in on short notice and was able to work around our schedules. She was knowledgable and reassuring. I fully recommend her!
Maria Q
Tongue Tie Suzanne came highly recommended by a friend. Her knowledge and advice was very reassuring and I was put at ease straight away. The procedure was very quick and my daughter was well looked after. The procedure was incredibly quick and had an immediate effect on my daughter- she became more vocal and was using different sounds the very next day and feeding became easier. I couldn’t recommend Suzanne highly enough.
Abi M
Thank you! The service we received from Suzanne was brilliant. We had an appointment on short notice, she was so knowledgeable, did the procedure efficiently and quickly there and then with minimal distress to Phoebe and then provided further advice on positioning to ease the pain whilst existing damage to my breast healed. Having the tongue tie cut (which the hospital had said was not necessary) completely changed bf’ing for me. Thank you!!
A Cook
Tongue Tie Division V professional and friendly. I felt confident that my baby was receiving the best care. 4 weeks on my baby’s feeding has improved considerably.
Newborn tongue tie Excellent advice and support. Highly recommend to anyone and wouldn’t think twice about using again. Thank you so much
Georgina F
Tongue tie We took our one week old son for an assessment and tongue tie snip. Suzanne was really professional and helpful. The procedure was really quick and we didn’t even realise it had been done. The aftercare was really good and we are really pleased with the outcome. Thank you. Would highly recommend.
Hannah H
Very helpful I can honestly say I found the service and knowledge provided by baby to breast very helpful in my feeding journey. My sons tongue tie was resolved quickly with little distress and the advice on feeding which followed helped no end. Thank you very much.
Kathryn F
Tongue Tie Fantastic service, very reassuring and made the whole process of cutting our babies tongue tie so much easier
Tongue Tie and high palate I had been struggling with breast feeding but managed to do so with nipple shields until this became painful when my boy was 10 weeks old. A slight tongue tie and high palate was discovered at our appointment with Suzanne. She was kind, reassuring and honest about the situation. Breast feeding was still painful after his tie was cut but improved as Suzanne had showed me the best technique for him. We are now at 17 weeks and still breast feeding.
breastfeeding support Timely clinic to avoid waiting for NHS tongue tie check. Quick confirmation that tongue tie not present and good support for improved breastfeeding technique.
6 month old with tongue tie Would fully recommend Suzanne. After a few very stressful months, coming to Suzanne was a blessing. She was respectful, reassuring and my baby was feeding on a bottle as well as my breast within two weeks of the procedure. The procedure took seconds and my baby was not in any distress at all, even though he was six months old. If you have any nerves or reservations about this procedure, then be rest assured that you are in safe and very capable hands with Suzanne.
michelle H
Excellent care & quick procedure for my daughter My daughter had her tongue tie procedure done when she was 2 weeks old, suzanne handled her with excellent care and provided me with the upmost respect when explaining the procedure to me and allowing me to ask any questions i wanted. She also gave me great aftercare advice & made me feel at great ease whilst my daughter had it done. It took seconds and she was straight in my arms on the bottle Would recommend her service 100% Thankyou x
Nicola W
Fantastic service Wonderful professional service. We were made to feel very relaxed and positive about having our sons tongue tie cut. Quick procedure done straight away. Thorough and a fantastic advice for after care. Thank you.
Laura M
G Both of my daughters had their tongue tie treated by Suzanne. It was done so quickly and with no complications. She gave me thorough advice and information and helped to make sure they were feeding afterwards. Both children went on to breastfeed well afterwards. I would highly recommend Babytobreast for the friendly and professional service.
Sarah Appleton
So knowledgable Suzanne has helped me with both my boys and both times has shown kindness and compassion to a new mummy and new baby! Thank you so much for helping me give my babies the best start in life
Rebecca K
Kind, understanding, reassuring Suzanne has helped with two of my children and I can’t recommend her highly enough. She is highly professional and amazing with babies, but understands the stresses of the parents and goes the extra mile.
Shamila B
Tounge tie My 16 weeks old baby had his tounge tie cut it has helped so much with bottle feeding his started to put on weight and is sucking much better it was a very quick procedure and suzanne was a lovely lady and made us feel very welcomed and relaxed i will reccommend her to everyone who baby has a tounge tie
Ruth S
Tongue tie Ruth
Improvement seen Improvement in feeding experienced over time following tongue tie release in conjunction with work on positioning and attachment and cranio osteopathy. I am still exclusively breastfeeding at 9 weeks. Thanks
Tongue Tie Within a few minutes Suzanne was able to tell us that my 5 week old baby girl had a posteria tongue tie & high palette. Suzanne got us in the next day to do the procedure, which was over in seconds. Suzanne made us feel at ease but was also very professional & confident in her service. Thank you so much.
Sophie A
Review We saw Suzanne after going to the feeding clinic at the hospital where they said they thought my son had a posterior tongue tie. We went to see Suzanne who used a checklist and confirmed he did and that it would benefit from being snipped. She performed the procedure there and then all the while making myself and my hubby feel at ease. Definitely would recommend Suzanne - especially as she wouldn’t recommend the procedure unless it would benefit baby.
Rachael D
So pleased Thank you Suzzanne for treating my son for his tongue tie. Your professionalism and experience put me at ease. Your aftercare support in terms of feeding positions and phone care support was so appreciated. Highly recommended!
Tongue Tie Within a few minutes Suzanne was able to tell us that my 5 week old baby girl had a posteria tongue tie & high palette. Suzanne got us in the next day to do the procedure, which was over in seconds. Suzanne made us feel at ease but was also very professional & confident in her service. Thank you so much.
Theresa K
Help with latch I saw Suzanne on an urgent basis when my baby was four days old and suddenly unable to latch on. I was very anxious and latching seemed very difficult. Suzanne's help transformed my approach to the latching process. My baby is now two months old and exclusively breastfed and doing very well. We would not have got this far if we had not seen Suzanne when we did. It has not been easy but everytime we get into a pickle I go through the technique Suzanne showed me step by step and it works without fail. The most valuable advice was that my baby is a biological mammal and I should trust his approach. Before I had session with Suzanne I thought the onus was on me to hold my baby tightly and place the breast in his mouth. Now i let my baby take the lead and move himself and it is amazing to watch and is effective. My baby does not have tongue tie but the help we received determined the viability of our breastfeeding journey and I can't imagine we would have got through otherwise.
Amie Y
Professional Service Suzanne was very quick to cut my little girls tongue tie and she didn’t cry for long, the service and help with feeding that Suzanne gave was first class. We have now been feeding with no issues since it has been cut. Suzanne is also available for support after the treatment if you need. Very professional service. Thank you!
Mathew D
Tongue tie treatment Very good treatment, happy with everything.
Emily C
Tongue tie older baby Very professional and caring with lots of advice and knowledge surrounding tongue ties. Felt comfortable and reassured with the whole service
Professional, friendly and knowledgeablt Now in week 5 after having the TT divided, I'm so glad we got it done. Feeding is near painfree after the trauma the tongue tie caused me. Suzanne was helpful, friendly and all the "mumsy" qualities you need in someone when helping you in those early post baby days. Thank you.
Ruth G
Really Helpful Visited to investigate possible toung tie. Baby didn't need a cut but I received excellent advice about possition and feeding has improved dramatically since.
Lucinda J
5 week old tounge tie I took my 5 week old boy to Suzanne as I suspected his was tounge tie due to being quite lean, having trouble latching, arching his back when feeding and that very clear clicking sound. My eldest son was also tounge tie and Suzanne had treated him 2 years prior. Suzanne found my 5 week old had a tounge tie and snipped it whilst she distracted a worried mother! My boy cried a little bit fed straight away and was happy. Suzanne also showed me the right positioning to breastfeed him. 1 month on he has now put on weight and certainly doesn't Look on the lean side and back on his birth centile. I throughly recommended Suzanne not only for her expertise in tounge tie but also her lactation and breastfeed knowledge. A lovely lady!
Alison P
Tongue tie removal We visited the clinic following recommendations from a friend. We were delighted to secure an appointment on the day we rang and to have our babies tongue tie removed. Since this procedure put baby is much happier following advice given we have also changed bottles and have seen a huge difference. We appreciate the professionalism we saw and how quickly this was done with minimal stress or upset!
Tongue tie devision Suzanne was brilliant! I was really anxious about the whole procedure but she instantly put me at ease. The procedure was over in seconds and not half as bad as I’d imagined. Suzanne was so calming and knowledgeable and spent time explaining everything to us. knowing that we could contact her at any point was also reassuring. Thank you Suzanne!
Kirsty Petrovic
Thank you so much Thank you so much Suzanne for fixing Grace’s tongue and helping me with feeding. We had a pretty traumatic labour and birth and you restored a very sad new mummy’s confidence in herself. You do an amazing job and we are so glad we found you to help us. 100% recommend your service and your professionalism to any one. Thank you again.
Sarah C
Amazing experience I cannot recommend Suzanne enough; she was considerate, thoughtful, incredibly knowledgeable,and really compassionate! Suzanne explained all options to me thoroughly and did not force me down a particular route, ie getting her tongue tie cut, in fact despite it meaning she would lose money, she suggested I left it! Lovely woman and if you are wanting any advice I would suggest getting in contact with Suzanne
Great service Calm professional environment from the moment we met.our son was about 8 months old. We were worried our son was going to be difficult to assess let alone treat as he's so active. However, it turned out we needn't have worried as Suzanne was brilliant with him and had the procedure completed in seconds, with no tears!We went to Suzanne for her level of experience and it was the best decision we'd made.
Laura H
Excellent experience Suzanne was fantastic. At our initial appointment she offered detailed advice on positioning, which helped a lot, but also advised that a tongue tie division might be necessary. We returned for this two weeks later as feeding was still painful, and the procedure was done quickly and efficiently. From that point feeding was pain-free and easy! Although I have recently had to stop breastfeeding due to baby’s allergies, Suzanne enabled me to continue for three months, for which I am so grateful. I would definitely recommend seeing her for any breastfeeding concerns.
Amy D
Tongue Tie Division Suzanne was brilliant in supporting us with a tongue tie & high palette which made feeding very difficult. It was great knowing that we could contact her at any point for support.
Massive thank you! I just wanted to say a massive THANK YOU for all you did...that 1 hour appointment was the key to success in getting my baby feeding. 7 weeks of trying to feed naturally and long days of expressing - then...1 hour of advice and a quick snip and we've not used a bottle baby is now 5 months old! Thank you sooo much for the support and amazing advice - you truly do know your field and are an expert!! Would highly recommend you on to friends and their babies! Hope this recommendation is the feedback you can utilise on your website 😊
Diana Qureshi
Tongue tie Suzanne was very professional but relaxed. The appointment was not rushed and we felt we were able to discuss our son's problems at length. Suzanne also took the time to assess our son's medical needs and was extremely thorough. We were happy with the treatment and feel that it has had a positive effect on our babies feeding.
Charlotte C
Easy Suzanne is a very friendly and professional lady. She instantly put me at ease and explained the process and I knew after that I was making the right decision
Sarah G
Excellent and professional service Suzanne provided an excellent service. We had an appointment within just a couple of days of contacting her. She gave us a comprehensive overview of our son's condition and then help with feeding after the procedure. I'm really happy with the service and would happily recommend Suzzane.
Ellie G
Pleasant experience Suzanne was lovely and very helpful providing us with lots of information before and after the procedure. Our 8 month old is much happier and feeding much better.
Joanne B
Professional and informative I came to see Suzanne as my daughter had a posterior tongue tie. The procedure was quick and easy plus her knowledge and advice on breastfeeding positioning was invaluable.
Adrienne S
Tongue Tie, successful result We found appointment on the day to be reassuring and informative. We thought the document you sent us was really helpful especially having a picture of how to position my baby during feeding which I referred back to. We’ve had excellent results, she is feeding better, putting on weight and has encouraged me to continue with breastfeeding and has grown my confidence with it. Thanks again, I’ve already recommended your service to other local parents as we were so impressed.
Elena B
Good service I felt comfortable with my son having his tongue tie at this clinic, the lady was very knowledgable and honest along with very good and in tune with babies. I was very satisfied. Unfortunately I wasn’t able to breastfeed as hoped after the tongue tie but that was due to other reasons explained before the procedure. I’m glad I got it done early he was around 3 weeks old as he didn’t seem in pain and didn’t realise what was going on, along with being easy to swaddle. Would certainly recommend
Matt E
Tongue Tie Procedure Not a very nice situation to be in with our second child (newborn). However Suzanne made us feel very relaxed and was excellent with Darcy and the situation was rectified there and then and she began feeding immediately. Amazing all round. Cannot recommend highly enough.
:) Four months on (after a consultation & tongue the release at 2 weeks) baby is feeding well and weight is up from 9th percentile to 25th. I had mixed feelings at the time, but now very happy with out decision. Suzanne was very good.
sinead q
Amazing! Suzanne is lovely. I felt totally at ease and was given all the info i needed to make the decision to continue to have the procedure done. Suzanne was fabulous with my little boy and the procedure was done quickly and professionally. I was wondering if it would be worth the expense, but it was worth every penny. I have a much happier baby which results in a much happier mommy. Thank you so much
Lee Martindale
Tongue Tie Procedure Our new baby boy was diagnosed with tongue tie and unfortunately the NHS didn’t have any capacity to carry out the procedure quickly so we found Suzanne. Suzanne was calm professional and put all of us at ease straight away and the procedure itself took a matter of seconds. We were so glad for the help and support Suzanne offered us and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her services to anyone else.
Ben I
Tongue tie consultation at two months Very professional consultation with Suzann. The process was simplified and we were given ample background information and time to make decisions. Since the procedure, tongue mobility has improved whilst both hiccups and vomitting have reduced in frequency
Victoria Watkins
Posterior tongue tie division It took a couple of weeks to see any changes but after two weeks feeding is gradually improving and nipples are feeling better each week. Noah had his tongue tie division late at 11 weeks and is now 14 weeks so I think it took some time for his habits to change. Thanks Suzanne I wish we had come to see you earlier.
Annabel R
Caring and professional Suzanne has helped me with two tied tongues with my first and third baby which completely solved uncomfortable feeding. Suzanne provided a quick, efficient and caring service.
Annabel R
Caring and professional Suzanne has helped me with two tied tongues with my first and third baby which completely solved uncomfortable feeding. Suzanne provided a quick, efficient and caring service.
Compassionate & Knowledgable 15 weeks old & still not able to latch on properly. Many many observed feedings, even an 8 week tongue tie assessment at hospital & no clear answers to our troubles, until now. There were no magic cures for our son’s high palette & tongue tie combination but we now understand & can work with the shortfall in his breastfeeding ability to make it a less stressful & more productive experience for both parties. I am so grateful to Suzanne for her excellent explanation, demonstrations & illustrations to communicate the messages to us clearly. Her knowledge & confidence in this field is very reassuring having spent months worrying & researching, and receiving conflicting advice. I will recommend her to anyone who needs breastfeeding support. I can’t explain the feeling of relief we have this evening in spite of not having the “quick fix” we were looking for. Well worth the money, do not hesitate in getting in touch as soon as possible. The communication before our consultation was quick & effective enabling a speedy decision to be made.
Sabina A
Excellent Suzanne was excellent and clearly very knowledgeable and experienced. We are so pleased we 'untied' our daughters tongue.
Jessica R
Professional Service I was so impressed with the service I received from suzanne. So professional in every way, very knowledgeable, lovely clean clinic and such a nice nature about her. The procedure was done so quickly I didn’t even know she had done it and my baby slept through it! Would Highly recommend her.
Emma T
Honest, credible and kind We called Suzanne after finding that the wait for our son to have a frenulotomy on the NHS was 3 weeks. We were thankfully able to get an appointment the next day, and after a thorough history and exploration of our feeding issues, our 1 week old son had the procedure. It was quick and uncomplicated; he was able to feed immediately and the difference was apparent during the first feed. 4 weeks on and he is feeding brilliantly. I have recommended her clinic to a number of friends.
Hannah C
Very happy with service We were able to get an appointment within a couple of days and were very impressed with the service. The diagnosis and tongue tie cutting were completed quickly and Sue then provided help with latching and feeding. I would highly recommend and feel this was money well spent. We would have had to wait several weeks for an NHS appointment whereas this allowed us to solve the problem within a couple of days.
Charlotte R
7 Week Old Tongue Tie My little boy was diagnosed at 6 weeks and to get him sorted quickly we decided to get an appointment with Suzanne. I was very apprehensive about the procedure beforehand and wasn't 100% sure we would go through with it even when I turned up for the appointment. However, Suzanne really put our mind at rest and answered all of our questions. The actual procedure was not as stressful as I thought it would be. In fact I think taking him for his first lot of injections affected him more. Since having his tongue tie snipped, his feeding improved greatly and the lengths between each feed has become longer too. So therefore making him far more relaxed at each feed and making breastfeeding far more easy.
Jessica McElvaney
I finally felt listened to Professional and listened well. Suzanne was the only person I feel who actually wanted to hear from me exactly what my daughter's issues were. It was nice not to be fobbed off with a diagnosis of reflux or told she was just a difficult baby. It was like having a new baby after her procedure.
Natasha F
Best thing I did after baby arrived Seeing Suzanne for my sons tongue tie was made as stress free as possible for all of us. We even drove over to Bedford from MK to see her as she came recommended. She put up with some odd questions from my other half, talked through everything and none of us even noticed the 'clip' of the offending skin. Baby then fed for nearly an hour and there was no rush to leave, I even had a cup of tea! I'm so glad I didn't wait for my nhs referral which could have been another 5 weeks because baby and I needed to catch up on learning how to breast feed correctly. Would definitely recommend Suzanne.
Catherine H
Tongue tie My new born son was diagnosed with tongue tie by the health visitor and was confirmed by Suzanne. She was very well informed and provided me with confidence to proceed with the tongue tie snip, as well as identifying a high palette on him, and me and predicting one in my 3 year old, which helped explain some of her fussiness with eating. A good visit, very glad we went to see her as she helped explain a lot, beyond what I went initially.
Sarra C
Highly recommend ! We had our son's tongue tie revised a month ago, & I'm so thankful for Suzanne's help and knowledge. Very professional, informative approach whilst also helping to put me at ease with her friendly manner. For anyone finding themselves in a position to need her services, I can not recommend highly enough!
Ketul P
Tongue tie Very good experience. Suzanne was very professional and courteous and took time to listen and answer our questions. She is very knowledgeable as demonstrated by previous experience. Also we are very happy with the post appointment service where Suzanne is always available to answer any queries.
Claire D
excellent communication managed to book same day for tongue tie consultancy & procedure, easy to contact, very caring would highly recommend
Happy baby We had the tongue tie release done on our 10 week old baby . Suzanne was very informative during the process. Our daughter got into a routine of long feeds after a week or so which made her rest for longer and we were so happy to see her gaining weight on her chart. We would strongly recommend Suzanne if anyone is planning to have tongue tie release done. She is very professional and friendly. Our baby didn't feel a thing after the procedure. Everything was back to normal seconds after the procedure. Thank you Suzanne
Paul Johnson
All our anxieties relieved in an hour Suzanne was warm, welcoming to get clinic, we felt well informed of the procedure and the potential slight risks that were involved. Our little boy went from losing weight, to gaining over 2.5kg week, every week. Couldn't recommend babytobreast highly enough
Sarra C
Highly recommend ! We had our son's tongue tie revised a month ago, & I'm so thankful for Suzanne's help and knowledge. Very professional, informative approach whilst also helping to put me at ease with her friendly manner. For anyone finding themselves in a position to need her services, I can not recommend highly enough!
Mira K
Tongue tie Excellent job, very quick, no pain we couldn't ask more. Thanks a lot
Laurie B
Posterior tongue tie divison I was very impressed with the service from start to finish. I liked that things were clearly presented before needing to contact, such as the different clinics, the days these were ran at and the price. This made it easier than having to contact to find out this information. I also liked being able to book online, it is hard trying to phone places with a newborn and I even have a toddler in the mix which makes conversations over the phone difficult. Arriving at the clinic, it was a very friendly welcoming making me feel at ease, suzanne really knew her stuff and at no point did I feel judged in my decision to bottle feed my baby (as some health professionals have done previously). Another factor for me which made me more comfortable was that the red book had information put into it as well as the formal documentation and I had the opportunity to ask questions at every stage!would fully recommend.
Alison N
Excellent service! Excellent service and fantastic knowledge. Suzanne made us all feel comfortable and at ease when I was feeling very worried and nervous. The procedure took seconds and really was nothing to worry about. I would highly recommend :-)
Heidi C
Absolutely worth it My baby had suffered for the first 8 weeks of his life with an undiagnosed tongue tie. When I finally had a diagnosis I was over the moon that it could be fixed with a procedure. I was told I would be put on the NHS waiting list and this could be another 4 weeks before my baby could have it snipped. There is no way on earth I was going to let my baby suffer for another 4 weeks! I looked on the IBCLC website for an approved practioner and booked an appointment with babytobreast for the very next day. £150 was a lot for me at the time but I needed to pay it for my baby. I'm so glad I did. The procedure took a few minutes and baby went straight to my breast for a feed. After that my baby has continued to thrive and I'm so glad I got it done for him. The service was professional and I would 100% recommend it to others. X
Hannah G
Highly Recommend Lovely experience, relaxing atmosphere and friendly staff put me at ease. My son is now feeding so much better. Would highly recommend this service.
Mariola B
Very friendly and reassuring. The consultation was very useful and the procedure was done quickly and with consideration for the baby and me.
Hannah R
Fantastic service We went to see Suzanne after a Health Visitor suggested my son had a tongue tie after seeking help due to painful feeding. Rather than waiting for a referral we were able to get an appointment with Suzanne for the next day. Suzanne was brilliant, very knowledgeable and took the time to explain everything to us. Turns out my son did indeed have a tongue tie which Suzanne cut straight away. She also gave us some great advice (& honest feedback) on feeding positions. This being my second child who I am breastfeeding I went to the appointment feeling pretty confident in how I was feeding but Suzanne gave me a completely different view to what any other professional had told/shown me and with her help repositioning and the tongue tie division, breastfeeding my son is now completely pain free and he is being left more fulfilled after each feed. I wouldn't hesitate using Suzanne again if I encounter any further Breastfeeding difficulties.
Sanjeev V
Latched instantly Suzanne was available very next day. Was helpful, friendly and professional. The tongue tie division procedure was over even before I could notice it. No cry and just a drop of blood. Baby latched straight away.
Pippa B
Tongue tie Following my previous 2 children having tongue tie. I was prepared for the likelihood of needing to contact Suzanne, as the wait on the NHS is too long. Suzanne previously cut my middle child's tt so she had helped me before. She came to my home, which was easiest with a newborn and 2 kids. She assessed my baby's tt, which was midline and cut it. I had already been getting so much pain even though it was only a day into breastfeeding. Suzanne also helped me with positioning which was very helpful. I am now established in my breastfeeding and am really thankful for her advice
Sophie N
Tongue Tie We visited Suzanne at babytobreast to help with a tongue tie issue with our newborn. His tongue tie was so severe that feeding was a major issue and so much so it resulted in a -18.3% weight loss within the first 10 days. Now despite being in neonatal for the first few days this wasn’t picked up until day 4!! The LRI hospital doesn’t offer any solution to this and doesn’t perform the procedure despite the fact that our little one was quite obviously having major difficulties! Once we had visited Suzanne the problem was immediately rectified and he was able to feed and sooner gained the lost weight. Very professional in the way it was explained, the procedure itself and the time to fully explain everything in detail. A massive thank you!
Ellie L
Excellent Fast Care After a week of breastfeeding I was at a point of being unable to continue due to the immense amount of pain experienced. I was able to book in with Suzanne for a next day appointment where she diagnosed our baby with a Tongue Tie. She was thankfully able to complete the division then and there in what seemed like a straight forward procedure. My baby was instantly encouraged to feed, and to my amazement it was totally painfree straight away. We have now been successfully breastfeeding for the past 10 weeks and it has become an amazing experience. Suzanne offered more than just the tongue tie division, she provided us with lots of information and helpful advise. Everything was digitally documented and transferred instantly to my iPhone. We still refer to the annotated picture of us breastfeeding to remind us of the good positioning she taught us. I have been recommending Suzanne to all my pregnant friends incase they experience similar issues with feeding. She was an absolute lifesaver for us.
Claire W
Tongue tie sorted I saw Suzanne the day after leaving hospital with my son who wouldn't breast feed due to a tongue tie. She examined him and performed the procedure which wasnt ad bad as i thought it would be, then he fed from the breast immediately afterwards. Since leaving the clinic It has taken him a little while to get the hang of it properly but after a few weeks and a bit of perseverance, I have a gorgeous breast feeding son! Would recommend to anyone who doesn't want to wait for the NHS to see their baby.
S Singh
No tears Suzanne was very helpful and explained everything clearly as my little one was only a few weeks old. Very happy with everything. Would recommend you to friends and family Thank you once again
Anthony C
Great Service This was the 2nd time we have used for our 2nd child. Instantly better. Great Service thanks
Parminder S
Posterior Tongue Tie Suzanne saw us the same day that we called her and helped our son by releasing his posterior tongue tie when the NHS was not helpful. Excellent service, great advice and we have a happier baby who is able to feed and gaining weight!
Laura Bardell
Fantastic! I called, feeling rather desperate with very painful feeding, at 3pm and managed to get an appointment at 5pm the same day. Tongue tie was confirmed and the procedure performed very quickly, my baby was then feeding pain free for the first time! Can’t recommend highly enough.
Sarah H
A great experience Suzanne was excellent, knowledgeable and reassuring. Without her help I'm sure I would have given up breastfeeding but since then my experience has improved hugely. Thank you for your help!
Marie F
Brilliant Fantastic service
Liz S
Excellent tongue tie specialist I contacted Suzanne after following the NHS route with no success. Suzanne was very approachable and booked an appointment very quickly. She was informative and answered all my questions appropriately. Suzanne had a lovely manner with my little boy and post procedure I noticed an immediate improvement. I would highly recommend Suzanne and her expertise
Ellen N
Excellent Very friendly and great results. Highly recommend
Lisa M
Amazing Really great experience from start to finish. Really friendly service and put our mind at ease. The procedure was quick and simple and our little boy no longer suffers with reflux.
Katlyn S
Excellent service Suzanne was brilliant at explaining the procedure and was so quick at doing it the little one didn’t even realise
Emma J
Visiting with Ezra Suzanne was fantastic, she took time to listen and asked lots of questions before examining to ensure she had all the information. We are so grateful for your time and knowledge. Although Ezra’s issues ended up being medical your approach and honestly and such a vulnerable time for us was very much appreciated.
Esme T
Wonderfully professional and friendly service I felt completely welcome and all my questions were answered clearly as Suzanne was so knowledgable. My baby was in good hands and I felt that instantly. I was talked through the tongue-tie procedure thoroughly and it was done so quickly. It has been so effective that I now have a positive breastfeeding journey with my baby. I can not reccomend Suzanne or her service more highly. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you!
Jennifer M
Tongue tie consultation Review of Suzanne (B) Excellent evidence based advice provided and support with feeding.
Rachel D
Tongue tie appointment Although my daughter didn’t need the procedure, both me and my mum who attended with me both thought that our meeting with Suzanne was well worth the money as she was friendly, helpful and informative. Her knowledge of both tongue ties and breast feeding is clear and she even gave me some feeding tips which I really appreciated. Can’t thank Suzanne enough and would recommend her 100%. If you are debating whether or not to pay the money then go for it! You won’t regret it. Thanks baby to breast :)
Louise H
Tongue tie division Very professional friendly service, Suzanne was very reassuring and could answer any questions we had
Siobhan J
Brilliant Professional caring and well worth every penny. My baby fed better within minutes and has come on so much following the tongue tie being sorted. I recommend this service with no qualms.
Trisha J
Amazing service I came to see Suzanne when having issues with my 3rd baby at under a week old. I had her contact details written down before birth just in case as not Breastfeeding was never an option for us. Thankfully it was not tongue tie but Suzanne could see my baby has a very high palate and my positioning was wrong. The hints and tips she gave worked straight away and feeding was also pain free straight away. Weight gain then improved and we've been boobing very successfully ever since!
Clare Kennedy
Amazing service We received a fantastic service from Suzanne. Our baby suffered from a tongue tie and I was unable to breastfeed for 5 days while in hospital. We called Suzanne on a Saturday and she was able to see us within a few hours. She provided a friendly service and was very informative.
Kelly H
Excellent service Appointment was booked quickly, Suzanne is friendly & very knowledgeable.
Recommend I’m so pleased that I contacted Suzanne to get my 4 week old soon tongue tie sorted. It was easy to book online and we were delighted that an appointment was available the same day. Suzanne was very professional, got the job done as quickly and carefully as possible. She clearly cared about our baby and us as parents. Advice and help was given on breastfeeding and latching on. Fantastic to see up to date technology being used for sending us photos and information. Would fully recommend Suzanne.
tongue tie private
Sinead T
Tongue tie release Very happy with the service wish I had done it sooner !
Amie H
Worth every penny for the clarity A few weeks after my baby was born, I was left very confused about whether or not to treat her tongue tie. Although her tongue tie had been described as significant, and frenotomy offered despite her feeding well, I was put off by the clinics procedures and post care instructions which all felt a little too traumatic for a baby who was currently coping well. After talking to a fellow mum who had been to Suzanne previously, I made an appointment. I was only in Bedford for the weekend, so Suzanne was kind enough to see me the same day! She explained everything so clearly, and discussed all of my concerns before assessing my daughter and helping me come to a decision. She talked me through all of my options, including going back to the NHS for the procedure if I wanted. She was so kind, and put my mind so at ease that I felt comfortable enough to proceed with her that evening. She made the procedure so quick and simple that it was over before I had sat down to feed! She was happy to perform the procedure without taking her away from me, and removed the fears that I had regarding aftercare etc. The whole thing from start to finish was so seamless that I felt a bit silly for worrying about it in the first place. I am so pleased that I made the decision to go to Suzanne and found a very easy solution to a problem that had been causing me unnecessary stress! Thank you Suzanne - Isla healed very well and is a very happy baby!
Anna A
Brilliant support. We were understandably surprised and concerned to learn at ten weeks that our baby in fact had a tongue tie that had been missed at birth. Suzanne was recommended to us and we are so very grateful to her for carrying out the division and for the help and support she gave during the appointment. We would recommend Suzanne to anyone looking for tongue tie support and intervention.
Nathalie W
Amazing service We had a very good experience with Suzanne. She was very knowledgeable and explained what was going on in details. We felt reassured and at easy during the whole consultation. This was quite an emotional process for us as we had been struggling with breastfeeding and were quite concerned but Suzanne identified the problem (tongue tie) and fixed it in a very efficient and professional manner. Would strongly recommend babytobreast to anyone with breastfeeding problems.
Fantastic The start to a happy healthy baby. Thank you the support.
Tate S
Excellent!! We contacted Suzanne in a state of desperation late one night, she was quick to respond and offered to see us the very next day! Suzanne made us feel welcome and at ease, was able to quickly diagnose the problems and help us rectify them! Would definitely recommend and use the services again in the future.
Jenny Burton
Fantastic service Thank you so much for helping my son with his tounge tie we can't thank you enough and your service we have a happy feeding boy again. Anyone thinking of using baby to breast Ltd please do. They are the best around.
Heather D
Baby tongue tie I booked in to have our baby boys tongue tie corrected. I have to say the whole experience was not as bad as expected. Our fears and worries were put at ease. Very professional and wouldn't hesitate to recommend further. Our little boy is now thriving like his twin brother. Thanks
Trish M
Fast and efficient service Rang on Saturday and all booked and done on The Sunday. Would recommend as very friendly and communication and service excellent
Friendly professional service We were immediately at ease when we walked in, the procedure was carried out safely and quickly and we were given some great advice which has helped enormously. Highly recommended!
Prompt and efficient care Useful advice and sorted what the NHS didn't do properly
Fiona Whitehead
Very good. Hard to maintain The initial session was very good. My main problem was positioning baby in order to get a good latch. Suzanne gave great advice. However, after returning home I struggled to get it right. At 3 months we still have some issues. I think I needed another session and should have booked this earlier on.
Lucy W
Tongue tie sorted Suzanne gave a professional and effective service. My son's tongue tie was quickly resolved and his feeding improved straight away which saw him finally getting back to birth weight and encouraged me to keep breastfeeding.
Rachel L
Brilliant Suzanne was brilliant. She explained everything and made you feel very confident. Very professional and my son feeds so much better since the procedure. Thank you
Rebecca Still
Great professional service We booked an appointment with Baby to Breast in the early hours for later that morning (9am). Was concerned that Suzanne might not have been notified of this but it wasn't a problem. Our son had a posterior tongue tie which had not been picked up but other medical professionals. Suzanne provided us with the various options available & we opted to have the procedure carried out immediately. Although I've not been able to continue breastfeeding. I'd recommend Baby to Breast to others.
Sarah Hanson
Fantastic Suzanne was amazing, so friendly and I had every confidence in her expertise! On the initial examination she made little Caleb smile and so for him it wasnt as traumatic as it could have been! Taking a before and after picture was extremely helpful when I reported back to my health visitor. The advice after was second to none! Would recommend Babytobretst to anyone!
Kayleigh F
What a difference!! Having Harrison's procedure done has been truly life changing! My only regret is not getting it done sooner. The constant feeding for the 7 weeks prior to him having it done was putting a real strain on myself and my family, I was missing out on time with my older two children and had started to feel like a prisoner in my own home. I would be lucky to get an hour between any two feeds and he was always fussing and never seemed content. The day after having his tongue tie separated he was a different baby and after a few days healing he's just got better each day. He's now 12 weeks old and is a different baby. He's happy and content and in turn we're all much happier. I didn't realise just how much his tongue tie was having an effect on his feeding and our lives. I couldn't be happier with the outcome, thank you!!!
katherine b
Fantastic Absolutely wonderful service. Susan is clearly very experienced and made us feel totally relaxed. We took our baby to her at 6 days old and all I can say is I wish I had gone sooner
July 2017 Would highly recommend Suzanne. Rapid responses to a highly stressful situation. Explained everything to us and greatly improved our baby's breastfeeding after dealing with a tongue tie. Thanks!
Katie Baldwin
My breastfeeding saviour! I found Suzanne online when I was close to quitting breastfeeding due to severe pain. She saw me quickly and provided a warm and reassuring service when I was feeling very low. Suzanne was knowledgeable and professional and as well as fixing my sons tongue tie, she also taught me an alternative feeding position which gave me instant pain free feeding. She provided excellent aftercare and I could not recommend her enough if you are having difficulty breastfeeding.
Kayleigh C
Outstanding I brought my son her at 14 weeks old to have his tong done it was very bad he could not move it any where in him mouth or I could do was vibrant.this was coursing a lot of trouble for him and problems in health and r nhs would not do anythink as I was not Brest feeding because of this problem he would. It latch in the end I had to go private this was the best thing we did for him.he is a different little boy now he had it done.we had amzing expereace lovely staff,clean room,clear explanasiton on what was going to happen and after care.was great would defo recommend this to anyone she was fab.thanks to u for helping my son outstanding much apreseated xxxxx
Emily W
Really useful service we came to Suzanne with our 5 week old's somewhat mysterious latching issues, the tongue-tie asessment specifically. We found the advice she gave to be friendly and comprehensive. She was able to identify wider issues stemming from the birth, including some cranial distortion and a weak neck muscle, and was able to advise on feeding technique also. Extremely useful, given that we were struggling with identifying the source of our troubles. Enabled us to move forward effectively.
Bernadette Earley
Thank you! Suzanne was brilliant and understood my concerns with my daughter's tongue tie that were in addition to those impacting breastfeeding. We were given lots of time to talk though the issue medically and decided together what was best to do. The facilities were lovely and clean and the procedure itself very quick. I felt in good hands and would have no problem recommending Suzanne to other families.
Chloe F
Tongue Tie Cressida French
Tongue Tie My daughter's tongue tie wasn't diagnosed until she was 4 months old, which meant we faced a wait on the NHS to get it corrected. Because of this, we decided to make an appointment with Suzanne. I was in a lot of pain feeding, suffering with constant mastitis and my daughter was being very sick after every feed, as well as being a very unsettled baby. After getting it corrected, my mastitis cleared up and my daughter is very rarely sick now. She was like a different baby after just one week and has already gained lots more weight. I can't thank Suzanne enough! I just wish it had been diagnosed sooner.
Jennifer A
Tongue tie assessment. Thankyou Suzanne for all of your support with our second son. After a tough start with his health it was great to have some support and guidance as to help to make feeding a lot better for both of us!
Sarah C
Very helpful Suzanne was very knowledgeable and helpful and came out of her way for us. Would highly recommend this service.
V professional Thank u for being so professional. Your knowledge is amazing and very reassuring. It was what we needed in the v early days when feeding was tricky. You sorted his problem v quickly he did not even notice it. Thank u for being so gental and lovely. Breastfeeding going really well now. Many thanks
Laura Harrison
Baby latching better following procedure My little boy has now learnt to latch better following the tongue tie procedure. Feeding wasn't immediately better but over a couple of weeks it became less painful and he began to move is tongue better. I still have some pain but it is better than it was and has enabled me to continue feeding my son.
Tony Gear
Excellent service Very informative and came away with some successful tips. Many thanks
Sophie W
Fantastic service Suzanne was so reassuring and professional when dealing with our sons tongue tie. We appreciated the feeding advice and help given as well. We have recommended her to other friends who are also experiencing feeding issues.
Victoria El-Jazouli
Tongue tie procedure We visited Suzanne to have our daughter's tongue tie assessed and corrected. We found her to be personable and knowledgable and very passionate about what she does. She was great with our baby and thoroughly explained everything to us. The procedure itself took seconds and baby was calm again very soon afterwards. Suzanne also gave some breast feeding advice & support too. Breastfeeding didn't hurt for the first time. Would highly recommend her services.
Nicole R
Tongue Tie We were very happy with the help we got. Our issues have been resolved. Suzanne was very professional.
Jessica F
Tongue tie We were happy with how quick the tongue tie was cut. Suzanne was very thorough and we felt at ease.
Vanessa L
Great service Firstly my initial enquiry was answered promptly and pleasantly, and booking was very straightforward. On the day of the appointment Suzanne was welcoming & knowledgable. We were given lots of information & the chance to ask lots of questions. I felt very comfortable & Suzanne had plenty of time for us. We had a good outcome following the procedure & the advice given, enabling me and my baby to continue breastfeeding successfully, and even enjoy it! The only negative comment that I would make is regarding the professionalism of the location/set up at home. We met in what was essentially a utility room, the cats were coming in and out via the catflap while we were there and Suzanne left a couple of times to answer the door & phone. I'm a cat lover myself so it wasn't an issue as such, but I was surprised given a medical procedure wouldbe taking place. Overall though I would recommend Suzanne and this service. Suzanne was also helpful when I contacted her after the visit. Thank you.
Tears of joy We are the grandparents of Alfie. We arranged for him to be done a few weeks ago as he was on a waiting list and getting nowhere. Prior to his treatment we were very concerned about him. He cried constantly and mum was really low. As a grandad its not nice to dread your family coming over for the day...... Well last weekend was the first visit to us since treatment. I took Alfie for a nice walk in the pram, he gurgled and shrilled all the way. He just found the world so funny. Nanny did rolling on the floor and he fell asleep in her arms after his feed. We both cried after they went, tears of joy to see the change in the balance of the family.
Jodie K
Professional service We visited Suzanne at the clinic when our baby was 4 weeks old to have his tounge tie procedure. Booking an appointment was quick and easy as we would have had to wait 3 to 4 weeks for an NHS appointment, Suzanne saw us within 4 days. The Procedure was very quick and straightforward and our baby went straight on the breast afterwards. Suzanne was professional and reassuring, would reccomend.
Emma P
Worth every penny Suzanne identified a missed tongue tie in my daughter and corrected it straight away in a quick, easy process which I didn't realise had happened. It took a few days but my daughter was feeding and it was painless. She is now doing really well 4 and a half weeks later. Thank you Suzanne
Helpful Just a quick email to thank you for seeing Baby last Wednesday. I know it's early days but we cannot believe the difference in him. He is now a contented happy baby and only cries when he needs something. He is so much more relaxed and no longer spending hours screaming and tense. The breastfeeding tips were so helpful too. Fingers crossed he continues this way, we can't thank you enough for saving two desperate parents and a miserable baby.
Natalie M
Mollie Great welcoming service and very professional.Suzanne is a fountain of knowledge
Chantelle A
Fantastic personal service Suzanne was wonderful made us all feel at ease. The appointment booking system was quick and easy and the procedure was also over very quickly. We were given los of time after to feed and speak with Suzanne and didn't feel rushed at all. I would 100 % recommend her.
Fantastic Results As soon as it was done it didn't hurt the only pain i had was from previous nipple damage amd even that stopped after a few mins , since then I have had no pain and i feed constantly. well worth it, im loving my breastfeeding journey now <3
Gina B
Feedback Thanks for the brilliant experience and we found a huge difference in the latch
Lucie Hammond
Arlo Hammond Excellent service, his bottle and breast feeding improved significantly, especially 7-14 days post frenulectomy. Thank you.
Hazel B
Fantastic service Review of Suzanne (B) After finding out on day 5 that my daughter had a tongue tie my midwife told me there was a 6 week wait to have it corrected on the NHS. I contacted Suzanne by phone and she saw us the same day. Suzanne was very friendly, knowledgeable and reassuring, especially as I'm a first-time mum having to have a procedure on my baby. I was having to express as breastfeeding was so difficult but my daughter is now 5 weeks and I'm exclusively breastfeeding. Suzanne also gave me some tips which have helped, I'm very pleased.
Rachael G
Brilliant and quick service We were having real trouble with F feeding. None of the breastfeeding support received picked up she had posterior tongue tie until we visited a hospital clinic in desperation. F was screaming at the breast and a bottle, and just wouldn't settle. She was incredibly messy with feeding and really struggling. Unfortunately the NHS in my area do not support posterior tongue tie procedures. I called Suzanne on a Thursday and she saw us on Saturday- I couldn't believe how quick and efficient she was. F fed well straight away. She wasn't gaining weight and in the 14 weeks since has been slowly progressing with her weight and doing brilliantly. I am so pleased we made the decision for her to have this procedure.
Ellys B
Absolutely fantastic The service we received was beyond wonderful and I highly recommend the service to anyone!
Excellent Service I could not be more satisfied with Suzzane. She was so patient and understanding. The whole procedure took about 10 seconds and baby only cried for about 2 seconds. She is clearly very experienced at what she does and has been great at answering post-op queries I've had. Would definitely recommend. Thanks again Suzanne
Rachel P
Great service We managed to get an appointment very quickly for our baby. Suzanne was reassuring, knowledgeable and professional. The tongue was cut very quickly and didnt cause our baby too much discomfort. We received great breastfeeding advice and the procedure made a huge difference to the pain I was experiencing when feeding.
Invaluable This visit didn't just sort out my baby's tongue tie quickly and easily for us all, but we got invaluable help on feeding and why I was struggling with breastfeeding. Can't recommend highly enough.
Lucy A
Posteria tongue tie revision Review of Suzanne (B) After the revision Austin fed well whilst in the chair and I accepted that it may take a few weeks to find our rhythm again once it was snipped. But feeding has not really improved. I am not sore and he is putting on weight but his latch is still very shallow and he constantly clicks. I can feel the gulps of air going down his body and taking him off and trying to make him open his mouth to latch onto the breast instead of just the nipple just further increases the fuss and annoyance of him and makes him further angry and gulp in more air. He is then very colicky and is always sick during and after a feed. I do think he is refluxy also but still believe the root cause of the problem is his lazy latch. I have since seeing you been to see Pierre (cranial osteopath) who was able to draw his tongue forward a little but thinks that it may have reattached. He also commented on his stomach and can feel that it is causing him problems and pain and has suggested that I start cutting out dairy, I have been dairy free for 10 days and have not really noticed any improvement... he thinks that he possibly does need medicating but I am still very reluctant to do this. I have rebooked with you for next Tuesday for a chat and further assessment. Thanks, Lucy
Lucy P
Posterior Tongue tie We visited Suzanne as our baby was diagnosed with posterior tongue tie & the wait to receive the appointment with the nhs consultant was several weeks. As I am breastfeeding & the tongue tie made this v difficult/painful we decided to get the procedure done privately with Suzanne. However we got more than a procedure with Suzanne, she explained in great detail our babies condition, she explained the procedure & also gave invaluable guidance on breastfeeding. We now have a baby that breast feeds well & comfortably. We could not recommend Suzanne enough.
Roseanne Thomas
Ruby Thomas We visited Suzanne as our health visitor spotted that Ruby had tongue tie at 3 weeks old. I am exclusively breastfeeding and Ruby was gaining weight but I felt something was not quite right. It was difficult for both of us, she found it difficult to latch and a bit painful for me sometimes. Suzanne was very helpful in not only performing the tongue tie division but also offering me advice and dispelling some myths. She also gave me some practical tips. Our experience was good and feeding had subsequently improved.
Dorota Z
Great service Really happy with Suzanne, she was very profesional with cutting tounge tie, and with breastfeeding. Really helpful advises and nice service.
Bryn R
Great Very patient and helpful, even hung outside of the scope of the consultation.
Lucy S
Tongue Tie Review of Suzanne (H) Suzanne has been so supportive during and after my daughters tongue tie procedure. Suzanne is a book of knowledge when it comes to breast feeding and everything that comes with it! Many thanks Suzanne
Nicola B
Tongue Tie I can highly recommend Suzanne who confirm our suspicion that our baby, Max, had tongue tie. Not only did she address the tie instantly without discomfort to Max, but also helped us establish a good latch so we could continue our breastfeeding journey comfortably. Thank you Suzanne, we so appreciate your help
Laura T
So glad we saw you We'd been told that our son's tongue tie had good mobility and so we should "see how we got on", but whilst we were managing to breastfeed, it wasn't easy. I wasn't sure whether the feeding issues were just my inexperience, but as soon as you saw us, you described how our feeds were going and explained how the tongue tie was making it harder for us to feed effectively. The change in feeding for our son was obvious and immediate - it became much easier for him straight away. He was later found to have lost too much weight in the days following his birth, so I'm incredibly glad we came to see you and get his tie fixed before the problems escalated. Thank you so much for squeezing us into your clinic at the last minute and thank you for your help!
Ashleigh M
Tongue tie Excellent service. We were given an appointment at short notice which we really appreciated. The procedure was very quick. I would definitely recommend. My babies feeding improve immediately. Thank you.
Gemma M
Totally worth it! I was on the verge of giving up on breastfeeding our little George due to being in so much pain when he latched on. Suzanne was so knowledgeable and professional and performed the procedure very quickly and had him latched onto my breast painlessly before I had a chance to panic about my little one being in any pain. By about 18hours after the procedure George was back on my breast (we had to give him bottle feeds during this time due to his mouth being too sore to breastfeed) and taking almost half of the time to get a full feed. Within a couple of days my nipples were feeling much less bruised and we were so glad we'd seen Suzanne and are very grateful for all her help and advice :)
Very Good Very prompt professional service. Greatly improved my breastfeeding relationship with my baby and has allowed us to continue breastfeeding to five months (something I did not think possible when I saw Suzanne when baby was only a few weeks old). Really liked the use of technology to record and send pictures etc.
Jenny M
such a simple thing to sort but makes the world of difference Review of Suzanne (B) We were really pleased with the service we received. It was friendly polite and professional. It made such a change to our daughter she was a different child so much more happier and content. Now putting on weight and breastfeeding fine. Thanks again and would highly recommend
Marie L
Amazing women I was so desperate to find a solution which meant I could continue to breast feed, and did not hesitate to make an appointment when this service was recommended. I was a nervous wreck as I felt guilty for what I was about to put my daughter through at a young age. In all honestly my little girl did not bat an eyelid there were no tears, no upset. Suzanne herself was very professional and extremely calming, she made us feel like we were her only customers and she has such a wealth of knowledge. It was a relaxed atmosphere and my little girl fed from the breast immediately with no sore nipples! The relief felt amazing and I have been able to breast feed alot more ever since. Cannot recommend enough if you are in the same situation
Keri Wood
Delayed diagnosis My baby's tongue tie wasn't diagnosed until 3 months and I was really apprehensive about the procedure. Suzanne was so friendly and professional and made me and my husband feel at ease. She did the procedure when neither of us were looking, it was so quick. She made a horrible situation so much better.
Zoe W
Definite improvement but still working on feeding. I noticed an instant improvement in feeding but after five days we had challenges. We are still exclusively feeding five weeks later but it's not been plain sailing. Susan was very professional and efficient. I would have liked a bit more of a chat about likely outcomes at the appointment but to be fair I was seen the same day that I called, even though it wasn't hugely convenient for Susan.I also know I could call for advice. Best money I've spent on my baby.
Hannah K
Excellent Very efficient & extremely helpful
Suzanna W
Competent, professional service, highly recommended I had my sons tongue tie resolved at 2 days old, worth the fee as took away the stress and uncertainty of waiting to be seen on the NHS. Suzanne is a very knowledgable, competent practitioner. She has excellent facilities to complete the procedure at her home. My son was feeding seconds after the procedure and it has enabled me to continue breast feeding. I highly recommend this service I am totally satisfied.
Alexia A
Best £** we've ever spent Arrived absolutely despairing about my (in)ability to successfully breastfeed my daughter. Left feeling positive that I was physically able to do it, and with some practical advice to make it easier for us both to get to grips with how to do it successfully. This all after being told I must top her up with formula and feeling that I was going to end up needing to just formula feed her. Fast forward a few weeks and I now have a thriving exclusively breastfed 8 week old. Thank you!
Caitlin F
Care Dear Suzanne, Just wanted to send you an email to thank you again for fitting Arabella in to see you as quickly as you did and for the treatment for her tongue-tie. The difference i have seen in her since having her frenulotomy is amazing, she is gaining weight steadily and her Jaundice has completely cleared. Furthermore feeding her is now absolutely pain free and we are both really enjoying breastfeeding and bonding together every day. If i had not come to see you i believe i would have not been able to continue breastfeeding, and your support with positioning and attachment has also been so valuable in enabling me to continue to breastfeed, i am now much more confident and Arabella latches on quickly and easily! Kindest regards Caitlin fair & Arabella
Rebecca Anderton
Great help and advice Great help and advice following diagnosis of William's high palate. I am expressing and giving William the milk via bottle as his breastfeeding continues to be poor. I only best feed him during the night. His weight is now much better and he is more content.
Fantastic service Suzanna was fantastic. Listened to us and checked our baby carefully, carried out the procedure and even took before and after photos which are then emailed to you. Suzanna was also hilarious. Not as witty as me but close. I would use again. If you know what I mean.
Finley G
Recommended We are very happy with the way everything was explained and done. We had a posterior tongue tie cut at 5 months and with a high palate, we weren't sure it would make much difference. Out of desperation we gave it a try, the cut was done very quickly, there wasn't even any blood. The vast amount of dribble stopped straight away, feeding and weight gain has gradually improved, although it still takes a while when baby is tired. He did cry straight after the procedure, but was smiling by the time we left. Glad we had it done and the service was brilliant!
Kim G
Tongue tie Amazing service Amazing lady Life changing for tot
Sital D
What an amazing relief Thank you so much to Suzanne for her wonderful calming approach to helping our baby girl with tongue tie. She was accommodating at very short notice and the entire experience was very professional. Thank you once again!
Layla Bursnell
Friendly Swift Service Babytobreast was recommended to me after 4 weeks of breastfeeding and latching on issues. Initally I went to an NHS drop-in tongue tie clinic, but they wasn't particularly helpful and sent me home without a referral for a tongue tie division. I visited the babytobreast website on the Thursday and had a lunchtime appointment by the following Monday. Suzanne was very knowledgeable and listened to my concerns. The simple procedure took place there and then and was over very quickly. I would 100% recommend Suzanne and already have to one of my friends. Many Thanks!
Excellent service We had excellent service when we went to have my son's tongue tie snipped. Suzanne was very understanding & empathic as well as very professional.
Kim C
Excellent Service Suzanne was friendly and helpful. She is incredibly knowledgable and also helped us to gain the correct support from the hospital we had attended previously. Her support has allowed me to continue to breastfeed our twins.
Nyambo T
Thank you Thank you for spotting the posterior tongue tie with my son none of the health professionals spotted it I'm now successfully feeding my son and it's pain free 😊 I would recommend Suzanne or babytobreast to anyone 😊
Emma Holyoake
Excellent service My 6 week old daughter was struggling to breast feed and we both were not enjoying the breast feeding experience but once a tongue tie had been identified we contacted Susan who from start to finish was excellent. We received the highest service and she made myself, my little girl and partner feel very comfortable and cared for and not once did we feel rushed. I would highly recommend this to anyone considering having tongue tie cut
Claire Johnson
Feedback Our experience with Suzanne was fantastic, from the initial telephone conversation to the consultation. Suzanne was reassuring, sympathetic, patient and positive and steered us in the right direction. Everything was fully explained to us and we felt in safe hands. Suzanne made us feel relaxed and positive after a traumatic period in hospital and at home and I would recommend her services.
Kate O'Kelly
Feeding issues resolved! I was advised by my local feeding specialist to seek assessment of my daughter's possible tongue-tie. I was able to make an appointment within 48hrs and tongue tie was assessed and cut in the same session. Feeding was pain free within 1 day and we haven't looked back. I'm confident that without seeking treatment I would have not been able to continue beast feeding. The service I received was professional, thorough and comprehensive. I can highly recommend this service to anyone with feeding issues. I wish I'd known about it with my first child!
Samantha F
Friendly and knowledgeable We got an appointment very quickly for suspected tongue-tie. The options were explained clearly and the treatment carried out succesfully same day. I've recommended them to two other mothers experiencing similar difficulties with their infants since.
Charlene C
Great service I couldn't have been happier with the service we was provided and was surprised at how quick the procedure for my babies tongue tie was, Suzanne was great and answered all our questions, after having my daughters tongue tie done she seemed a lot happier and fed very well, her tongue heeled very quickly and never had any problems with it after, I would definitely recommend Suzanne to people and even passed her information onto my health visitor to recommend to people, I now have a very happy baby who likes to stick her tongue out a lot!
Emma P
Highly recommend Our little boy had tongue tie, breastfeeding was a real battle for his first 2 weeks and I was at the point of giving up. Booking an appointment was so easy, and on arrival Suzanne put us at ease by explaining everything. The procedure was over within seconds, and Suzanne helped establish feeding straight away. We've had no problems since, and at 7 weeks he's content and feeding well - totally different baby!
Just amazing! Went to Suzanne for breastfeeding support. Unfortunately my daughter had a tongue tie but Suzanne cut it and helped me to feed her. She also helped me to hand express where I'd previously been shown a method which was not working. It poured out of me with Suzanne's help! We're now nearly 5 weeks in and things are perfect but I'm breastfeeding my baby girl and that's the most important thing to me. I would highly recommend a visit to Suzanne. She is so professional and knowledgable, the appointment was worth every single penny!
Tongue tie procedure Very friendly but also professional and knowledgeable. Diagnosed tongue tie very quickly and carried out procedure after fully explaining risks. Very happy with the service provided
Katie Virk
Kind and professional Very kind, thorough, caring and professional. Cut our little ones tongue tie at 16 weeks of age. He's fed so much better and been more settled since, I only wish we'd known about it sooner. I have since recommended Suzanne to my sister and her little one have also used her service.
Kathryn Mason
Posterior Tongue Tie Brilliant service, seen same day when daughter was 7 weeks old. Posterior tongue tie missed by everyone else. Successfully confirmed and separated quickly and with minimal fuss from my daughter. Professionally completely and with compassion and no judgement.
Gemma N
Put my mind at ease I had concerns about my 4 month olds feeding. Suzanne was perfect, she listened, was a delight with my baby while she checked his mouth and then gave clearly explained advice. I would recommend her to anyone that has feeding concerns.
Mary-Ann S
Saved my breastfeeding experience. Can not explain how much the service provided helped mine and my sons breastfeeding. After 4 months of issues I finally found out he had a posterior tongue tie. Suzanne, was helpful, professional and very understanding. I had been in so much pain prior to my son having the procedure done I had on many occasions nearly given up. My son is now nearly 6 months old and I have no pain when feeding him and his weight gain has shot back up.
Sarah L
Thomas Since thomas had his revision he has shown some improvements. It was made clear to us that he might not show drastic improvements due to his high palette before the procedure. Nevertheless he has shown better sucking action and although still has a shallow latch now takes a special bottle and seems to click less on the breast. I am happy that he had a revision.
Joni P
Tongue tie Very knowledgeable and friendly lady. Made the whole experience a lot less stressful for Bob my baby and myself
Beth M
Tong tie Sue is a lovely lady. Gave use some great advice about feeding. I would really recommend her.
Beejal Mann
Tongue tie correction I was recommended Suzanne's services by a friend of mine as my baby had tongue tie. I found Suzanne to be really helpful and professional. She gave me really good advice and since the procedure my little one has been feeding much better. Many thanks for your help.
Samantha K
Very professional and personable A very professional service, calm and reassuring. We heard after the division that some exercises might help our baby adjust to the change so it would be good add this info to the aftercare documents.
Henry S
Quick and professional Thank you for fitting us in as a last appointment the day after me phoning you. Service was professional and the environment clean. Thank you!
Yuliya K
Tongue tie Mother
Natasha P
So pleased with Baby to Breast! After discovering my daughter had a prominent tongue tie, we sought help from Suzanne. From the booking process, all the way to the end of the appointment I could not recommend enough! Me and my partner felt reassured and at ease from the beginning, the procedure was discussed fully and we was completely informed about everything. The procedure was done within seconds and my daughter was happily put in my breast where I immediately felt a difference for the better! I was given further breastfeeding support and really liked the way our notes was sent via email for future reference. Completely recommend Suzanne to all!!
Siobhan S
Tongue tie Absolutely fantastic service from Suzanne. I felt completely relaxed and at ease whilst taking my 6 week old to have his tongue tie sorted. Wonderful and professional lady. I couldn't recommend enough. Thank you Suzanne.
Hazel D
Tongue tie Tongue tie
Mar-ie F
Tounge tie Suzanne was very helpful and informative and having the tounge tie resolved was not as traumatic as I thought it was going to be, my baby hardly cried, I would recommend Suzanne to anyone hoping to resolve tounge tie
Rebecca E
Very good I have up breast feeding shortly after however it was not due to the tongue tie. He is bottle feeding very well thank you
Elizabeth H
Very pleased Review of Suzanne (B) A lovely lady who showed true kindness and a genuine interest in helping us. Susanne explained everything clearly with direct openness but still with a sense of humour. I would reccommend her. Baby cried for a mere 15 seconds, if that. Thank you Susanne.
Sarah L
Would recommend Was able to fit us in at short notice and fix our baby's tongue tie quickly. Would recommend
Beth M
Tong tie Sue is a lovely lady. Gave use some great advice about feeding. I would really recommend her.
Kathryn Mason
Posterior Tongue Tie Brilliant service, seen same day when daughter was 7 weeks old. Posterior tongue tie missed by everyone else. Successfully confirmed and separated quickly and with minimal fuss from my daughter. Professionally completely and with compassion and no judgement.
Lisa R
review review
Lauran B
Outstanding service I took my son to see Suzanne on the recommendation of another mother at our breastfeeding clinic. She's was so welcoming and professional, she put my mind at ease about the tongue tie procedure my son needed. She performed the procedure very well no complications and my son was feeding better straight away. Can't thank her enough.
Emma M
4 day old baby The level of service given was outstanding, from booking the appointment to the aftercare. Very friendly and professional. I have since recommended to serveral friends. My daughter was born with a tongue tie, the hospital were non supportive with helping me to latch her on. After doing some research I came accross Suzanne and contacted her to discuss it further, suzanne was able to meet my needs of needing an afternoon apointment so 2 days later I went to her clinic and my daughters tie was cut. The clinic was very clean and tidy and the procedure was quick and painfree. I now enjoy breast feeding and it is all thanks to Suzanne!
Yvonne S
Highly Recommended I had seen GP's, midwives, Consultants and health visitors re my baby not feeding well and not gaining weight, to be given no answers and made to feel like as a first time mum I didn't have a clue 'as she is feeding'. Suzanne was great, she listened with no judgement, examined my little one and straight away said she is tongue tied.....the relief was overwhelming. I can't thank Suzanne enough. Highly recommend to any parent who may think baby is tongue tied......follow your gut instinct
Jennifer L
Effective posterior tongue tie division Suzanne provided a professional consultation before performing a successful tongue tie division for a posterior tongue tie. Would highly recommend.
Phillippa Guest
Excellent service Thank you for providing such great care for our baby daughter. We were grateful of the time you took to assess her and talk through the options. I would highly recommend your service.
Hannah B
Excellent care Suzanne provided such a thorough & professional service for our daughter. She put me totally at ease about the procedure & was very friendly & welcoming. We would definitely recommend her to anyone who suspects their child has tongue tie, the results are instant! We can't thank you enough x
Emily B
Excellent Suzanne has performed a phlebotomy on both of my children at the ages of 7/10 days old. Both times we received a thorough consultation. Following the procedure we were not rushed out, and suzanne took time to check that there were no clots under the tongue and that they were feeding well. I have would and have already recommended her to others as I would not have been able to carry on breastfeeding my second child without her help.
Laura M
Tongue Tie Our baby had tongue tie cut at 2 weeks old. Suzanne was very informative and supportive, made us feel at ease. Baby is now feeding well. Thank-you
Sarah H
5 day old daughter I rang and left s voicemail for Suzanne and within half an hour she had returned my call and managed to book my daughter for her tongue tie division the same day. Suzanne filled me with confidence and was very knowledgable and professional. I will definatley recommend her services.
Aisha T
Excellent Suzanne listened to our concerns and provided us with an appointment almost immediately, much to our surprise as we had anticipated a much longer waiting time. The service provided was excellent. We felt like concerns were taken seriously contrary to the service provided by the NHS. When our son was born we were told he had an 'insignificant' tounge tie - Suzanne then showed us this 'insignificant' tounge tie - our son was unable to lift his tounge! The procedure was quick and our son can now lift his tounge.
Steffi H
Tongue tie We really couldn't of recieved a more professional, friendly service. I highly recommend Suzanne for any tongue tie procedure when the hospitals say its minor! Mums know when feeding isnt right. My son was 13 weeks and had dropped off the weight chart picking up within a week after his procedure! I will be taking any further children straight to see Suzanne to save us the heartache this caused for too long.
Jennifer B
Fantastic for both babies! Suzanne spotted tongue tie in both my children where others said there was no tie. She was v supportive and knowledgable. Both babies fed so much better almost Immediately after a very painful start to breastfeeding!
Katie E
Excellent and friendly service Suzanne was an angel - after weeks of our little boy not being able to feed correctly due to a severe anterior tongue tie. She was so professional and helpful and the process was quick and easy. Aryan was back feeding much more effectively around two weeks after the snip. He was a a much happier baby. So worth a visit if your baby has a tongue tie
Rebecca S
Excellent Service I contacted Suzanne and was able to book an appointment for the following day in regards to my daughter's tongue tie. The service I received was very friendly yet professional. Suzanne was very informative and put my mind at ease.
Jack M
Excellent service Our consultation was incredibly informative and useful. We definitely felt that Suzanne had our best interests in mind.
Reme Gibson
Excellent service Fantastic service given by Suzanne who was exceptionally knowledgable, professional and caring. Really put us at ease.
Jen D
Fantastic I would highly recommend Suzanne, she was wonderful. Gave lots of support on the day post-procedure to make sure we were happy and comfortable with baby's feeding. Noticed a big improvement straight away. So glad we saw her
Alicia Humphreys
Fantastic service We brought our little one to Babytobreast at 7 months, the service was brilliant, Suzanne put us at ease right away and the procedure was quick and dealt with very professionally. I would 100% recommend this service.
Theresa J
Fantastic Service and Very friendly We were told about Suzanne by the feeding clinic at the hospital when our son had a very bad tongue tie. As new parents we were very nervous and apprehensive but Suzanne gave us all the facts and did the procedure very quickly and easily our baby hardly cried and there was very little blood or anything! Within a couple of minutes he was feeding better than he had before the procedure and was quite calm and settled. Suzanne talked with us for a long time and didn't make us feel like we had to hurry to leave all in all was a fab experience! Would highly recommend and as any of our future children would be likely to have the same problem we would go back again without hesitation!
Emmily W
Finley Howes The service we received was excellent couldn't have asked for a kinder practitioner to help with our baby. Suzanne stayed late to help us as we would of had to wait another week to get Finns tongue tie fixed! When we arrived she was very friendly and explained the whole procedure step and step and made sure we understood everything then took time to make sure baby took from my breast. Would recommend this service to anyone who is looking to get baby's tongue tie fixed!
Elizabeth P
Finn Pritchard Very happy with the service recieved. My son is a happy content little boy within 24hrs of the procedure being done. Thank you Suzanne
Emily Skinner
Flipping brilliant :) Suzanne is absolutely brilliant, diagnosed and treated our baby's tongue tie and gave us loads of information and advice.
emma b
Great service Went to visit Suzanne after I suspected a problem. In the 5 minutes I was there was complelty listen to, something I felt noone else had done and had everything and confirmed what I thought was happening with my little boy. Treatment quick and efficient. Clean environment. Very knowledgeable lady who talked to me about other issues she observed in my child. This has made a impact also on our lives. Since the treatment I have a different child thank you
Leanne B
Help with bottle feeding a baby with a high palate After weeks of being told my baby had colic and I should just grin and bear it, what a relief to meet Suzanne. Suzanne very quickly assessed that my baby has a high palate which was causing him to struggle with bottle feeding. It felt wonderful to finally speak to a professional who really understood what was causing the problem. I feel I have been given back the opportunity to enjoy the bonding that goes with successfully feeding your baby. Can't recommend Suzanne highly enough to anyone struggling with feeding their little one. Thank you!
Dylan H
Great results I was failed by the nhs with the diagnosis of my son's tongue tie despite feeding problems and low weight gain and then was told he'd probably need surgery to correct it due to his age. Suzanne was great, she immediately put us all at ease, I felt confident in her abilities and she explained the procedure before carrying out the division. Everything was completed within a minute with no issues. The movement of my son's tongue is greatly improved, he can now move food around his mouth. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Suzanne to others in a similar situation.
Claire T
High "Bubble" Palate I had had terrible problems breast feeding and a lactation consultant suggested it may be tongue tie. we went to see Suzanne who confirmed that baby definitely did not have tongue tie but instead a very high palate which would make breast feeding extremely difficult. she did however suggest ways in which to help which were very useful. I was so glad to get a definitive answer as to why I was having difficulties since we had seen no end of other "specialists" in the weeks preceding.
Gemma P
Perfect service I visited Suzanne as I needed some answers as to why I had so many difficulties breastfeeding. Suzanne was understanding and sympathetic about the situation and gave me the answers which I needed. If I have any issues in the future I would go back straight away.
Gemma M
Thank you! Suzanne's service was fantastic. Helped greatly to understand why we were having feeding issues and she gave great help with positioning and attachment.
Alice F
Tongue tie Oscar's feeding improved straight away the procedure. He had been hospitalised due to losing too much weight and becoming dehydrated as he wasn't feeding- he gained 8oz in the week following the procedure. Your advice on feeding both on the phone the night and after the procedure was really helpful and I left feeling much more confident that I could carry on breastfeeding- which has continued to get easier since then.
Alice W
Very grateful After five months of slow weight gain and numerous trips to the breast feeding cafe I took my twin boys to see Suzanne in the hope of getting some answers. Her service was amazing she completed a full review of both babies, observed a feed and checked my milk supply. Thanks to her my boys are finally thriving and moving up the weight charts back to their original centile lines
Emma N
Saved from unnecessary general anaesthetic After months of being let down by the NHS, we were eventually told that our 4 month old son would need a general anaesthetic when he was 6 months old to divide his tongue-tie. This didn't seem to make sense based on my research and I couldn't face another 7 weeks of feeding for an hour and then only having (at most) an hour until he needed feeding again. I was exhausted and my son was struggling to gain weight. We contacted Suzanne on the Tuesday and he had the division on the Thursday. Suzanne was amazing, understanding and made the whole thing seem so simple. No anaesthetic, no tears and he fed straight afterwards. It was so quick and painless that we basically blinked and missed it! We noticed improvements within days and, a month later, my son now feeds every 3 hours for half an hour. Instead of waking 5 or 6 times a night, he now wakes once or twice. And he is slowly making his way back up the growth chart percentiles. He instantly became a lot more vocal and his dry skin disappeared. Most importantly, I finally feel like I am able to just enjoy my time with my little boy rather than our time and energy being consumed with feeding. You can't really put a price on that.
Amy Whitehall
Thank you Baby Harriet doing really well and feeding very efficiently. Mum not in any discomfort whatsoever. Very content baby and mummy. Thank you.
Carmen S
Thank You Thank you for all of your help in relation to my newborns tongue tie. You quickly put us at ease and helped us identify that treating the issue at this early stage was the right thing to do for our son. You answered all of our questions, which meant we knew we were making the right decision. Treating his tongue tie has resulted in much better feeding straight away and I also believe this also solves any further issues he may have had if left untreated. Many Thanks
Pauline M
Thank you! Suzanne was very supportive and able to deal with the tongue tie as soon as she was able. I also learned from her that tongue tie is hereditary so know for future children should they have one that I need to be very assertive with the hospital at the time of birth. Sadly I was unable to breastfeed my son in the long term as my milk never caught up (or so I was told at the feeding clinic at the hospital) but 5 weeks in and I'm still expressing so he has mixed feeds.
Abbe G
The most beneficial advice to date. Our meeting was so beneficial to the nursing relationship with myself and my daughter. Genuinely the best and most inclusive advice we've had to date and we are still nursing now.
Jessica M
Tongue Tie Needed help quickly and we were seen the same day I called. Helpful and made us feel relaxed. Definitely recommend.
Joanne T
Tongue tie I would strongly recommend using this service. The consultant was very informative, helpful and supportive. The procedure was a great success and enabled me to breast feed my baby. Thank you so much.
Andrea D
tongue tie My little had a bad tongue tie and my referral never came through I decided to pay and have it done because of feeding problems worth every penny Suzanne is very professional welcoming the process was very quick and easy haven't looked back since would highly recommend 😊
Kirsty G
fantastic service Brilliant one on one service, everything explained really well. Very professional and friendly
Tanith T
Great service Without the support and help from Suzanne I dread to think where we would be. Peadetritions failed to diagnose our son with bad tongue tie however insisted on keeping us in hospital for days forcing me to pump him full of formula. Suzanne did not only diagnose the tongue tie and cut it straight away, she spent over an hour with us talking us through new breastfeeding position and answering all of our ridiculous questions. We've not looked back since the correction of the tongue tie and now have one very happy and healthy boy. I would highly recommend baby to breast. It's worth every single penny. Suzanne was sympathetic and supportive and we were able to get an appointment the following day. The NHS we were informed would have made us wait 4 week! Which would have been 4 more weeks our little man would have been starving.
Vicky R
Great service I went to Suzanne as my son had a slight tongue tie. Suzanne was very reassuring, knowledgeable and professional. The division of tongue tie took 2 minutes to do and my son was absolutely fine afterwards.
Malcolm R
Latch tongue We received a very professional service when we took our new born baby to get her latch tongue sorted out.the procedure was explained to us clearly so we understood what was taking wife and myself would like to thank you for making a big difference to our little girls life
Sophie D
Great service Helped no end
Rosalind P
Lovely and so helpful Such great service from Suzanne. She was very quick with the actual procedure but took a good deal of time talking about breastfeeding issues I was having and helping me find more comfortable positions to breastfeed. I have recommended you to my health visitor so she can pass details on to other mums having trouble with tongue tie!
Posterior tongue tie This has definitely made a great improvement on breastfeeding, it took a few weeks to really feel the results but we'll worth the wait. My partner was very anxious re the procedure, but Suzanne reassuring nature and professionalism reassured him enough to be confident to continue. I personally appreciated receiving the medical evidence on an email prior to consultation. Would definitely recommend the service.
Joanne D
Posterior tongue tie Patient
posterior tongue tie division Review of Suzanne (B) We had our daughters posterior tongue tie divided at 12 weeks old, after feeling dismissed and mis understood by the nhs suzzanne helped me to understand what was causing our breastfeeding issues, now at 17 weeks our breastfeeding experience is completely different, I honestly think I would of given up if we hadn't got this rectified, my daughter's reflux symptoms have also improved significantly!
Sarah a
Review Excellent service very professional and helpful
Samantha S
Amazing! We met Suzanne an hr after the initial phone contact. She came out to the house to meet our 4day old with tongue tie. Feeding had been horrific up to this point. Suzanne is very kind, supportive and full of evidence based advice and filled me with confidence after a horrible 4days of BF. My LO latched on fantastic within seconds on the TT being cut resulting in a very teary overjoyed mum. The nipple shield have not seen the light of day since thank you to Suzanne.
Sheila H
So quick and easy! We booked an appointment with Suzanne via her website as we weren't sure if our 8 day old baby girl had tongue tie. We got an appointment the next day and travelled to Suzanne's clinic in Bedford. She confirmed that our little girl did have tongue tie and carried out the procedure to correct it there and then. The whole thing was so quick and easy. Would recommend Babytobreast to anyone who needs a quick treatment of tongue tie. Our baby showed no signs of discomfort afterwards.
Nicola B
Tongue Tie Tongue Tie
Klaudia S
Tongue tie After I contacted Suzanne she came and saw us real quickly and dealth with the tongue tie. I wad told by my Midwife that my son has just a minor tongue tie but I am so glad that I have called Suzanne because it turned out that it was a complete tongue tie. I only wish I'd contacted her much earlier.  Suzanne probided a very helpful and friendly service. 
Jenna G
Tongue Tie Finding out at 3 weeks that my daughter may have had a tongue tie I went online and got a booking for the next day with Suzanne. On arrival she discussed the procedure and although daunting I knew needed to be done. She was very professional and made me as a first time mom feel at ease. The actual procedure took seconds and she had a feed straight after which was the best we ever had its made such a difference and I was on the brink of turning to formula so has been the best thing we did to help her! A* service and would def recommend to anyone who thinks their little one may or has got tongue tie
laura b
tongue tie We are very happy with the service we received. Very professional. I felt very comfortable and safe through out the consultation a procedure.i felt we had plenty if time to talk everything through and did not feel rushed at all. I would deffiently recommend.
Rachael Gautreau
Tongue tie Suzanne was fantastic. She replied quickly to my enquiry and was able to come out to us very fast. diagnosis and treatment were both expertly carried out. I would highly recommend Suzanne for her professional and friendly service. I felt totally at ease.
Tongue tie Everything fantastic! Only feedback I would give is to inform mothers to wear a dark coloured top as the baby's mouth bleeds and can get on your clothes when feeding post procedure. Suzanne was fantastic though. Such a lovely lady
Very knowledgeable I came to you needing a tongue tie separation for my son, and you provided an efficient and effective service which significantly improved his latch. You were able to see us within about 24 hours of us contacting you, which was incredibly helpful, and so important when you're having problems feeding a newborn. The only one small negative I would say is that you had a very fixed idea about the position the baby should be fed in, and I actually found this position incredibly difficult once I got home and tried it on my own, so while I'd experienced pain free feeding when you'd shown me how to latch my baby, I couldn't replicate it. It wasn't until a breastfeeding counselor told me to try the position that I felt comfortable with that I managed to achieve a pain free latch at home. I would suggest maybe a bit more flexibility about how to hold the baby when feeding so that it's comfortable for mum and baby. I would definitely be happy to recommend you to anyone I meet how's encountering feeding issues, and thank you for allowing me to continue with a positive breastfeeding relationship with my baby.
Samantha M
Tongue tie After being what felt down by the nhs. My severely tongue tied Daughter was seen to in a prompt professional manner. Very informative and a great service. Would definitely use again if I had other children who were tongue tied
Natalie L
Super quick I called Suzanne at 8pm Thursday evening by 10am Friday morning my son had his tongue tie cut! I never heard back from the nhs still to this day if it wasn't for Suzanne I would have given up breastfeeding and put my baby on a bottle not that this is a bad thing but I wasn't ready to do so. She made me feel better as I was feeling guilty and she was great with my baby boy. I was fortunate enough to have Suzanne as the midwife that helped me with my older child's delivery and she truly is fantastic and very knowledgable I highly recommend and trust thank you!
Beth Bloxham
Very professional Thank you for the wonderful service you provided. You took the time to explain the assessment and the procedure, so that is necessary, the division could be carried out whilst my son was happy and content. I was very anxious and it seemed over in seconds. My son slept for the following few hours, but as the days went on he became more and more content, settling easier. I was delighted with the service and the results as I had struggled to find a practitioner in my area who would see my son at 6 months. Thank you!
Lisa R
Professional, supportive, highly knowledgable I recently visited Suzanne with my 1 week old baby asking her to review a tongue tie release performed at Bedford hospital as I was still experiencing pain with feeding. She was supportive, extremely knowledgable and very professional - she explained that the release had not been carried out fully - and at my request quickly and expertly completed the tongue tie release on my son. She then supported and advised me on feeding. In a few minutes, she had completely changed my experience of breastfeeding and I am extremely grateful for her help. If only there was a Suzanne in every NHS hospital, breastfeeding mums would be so much better off!
Alison H
Excellent service Suzanne provided the compassionate care, understanding and expert knowledge to support our breast feeding journey at probably our lowest point. Her skill in identifying a minor, but still limiting, tongue tie has assisted us greatly and I am now able to feed my baby confidently and very successfully. Thankyou Suzanne.
Lucie Winfield
Excellent care and support Suzanne answered so many questions we had with regards to difficulties our son had been experiencing which all linked to his tongue tie. She was extremely knowledgable and put our minds at rest whilst making our son as comfortable as possible for the procedure.
Lucy P
Excellent Suzanne is fabulous! Very experienced and calming! It's taken 4 weeks and a lot of trial and error, but my baby now latches! Couldn't be happier!
Claire S
Very pleased My daughter had a significant tongue tie and had the procedure to remove it at 7 weeks old. Breastfeeding had been a nightmare due to tongue tie, sometimes taking over an hour. A few weeks after procedure she is feeding well and takes half the time. Very friendly and professional service, thanks
Amy C
Tongue Tie I had a really quick and thorough appointment which ended in my 8 day old sons tongue tie bring cut. Suzanne was knowledgeable and supportive and the decision was a quick one for me base on our discussion. Would recommend her services as see was also on hand for questions afterwards generally about feeding aswell as the tongue tie separation shed performed.
Shivani B
Posterior Tongue Tie We went to Suzanne with our daughter at 4 weeks of age for posterior tongue tie. The assessment, explaination and procedure were very good. I did ask about post procedure exercises but was advised that breast feeding alone would be sufficient. Suzanne was available after the procedure for advice. Unfortunately the procedure didn't work for our daughter and there is a suspicion it reattached. I feel that exercises post procedure may have prevented this but there is no way to be sure. Overall a very good service it would have been a better experience for us had it worked but there is no guarantee with any procedure of this nature.
Sally S
Very professional but gentle and baby focused service Suzanne's wealth of experience is demonstrated in her practice. We were extremely pleased with the service and guidance we recieved. It meant we have been able to continue breastfeeding which felt impossible before we saw Suzanne. Fantastic service.
Carla C
Tongue tie We realised that our baby had a severe tongue tie 2 days after he was born, and were able to have confirmation and help the very next day!
Stephanie D
Snip of Tongue Tie I found Suzanne very professional and knowledgeable, it was lovely to be greeted with a smile and a warm welcoming into the clinic. She explained everything that she was going to do and why she was doing it. I 100% recommend and support Suzanne's line of work
Freya C
Very helpful & knowledgeable Suzanne was very helpful when I took my 3 week old son to see her with a tongue tie. She was professional & gave me some useful tips on breastfeeding positions.
Charlie S
Cannot fault the service. We were unsure whether our son needed the tongue-tie procedure but I am so pleased that we went for the consultation. Suzanne's manner, professionalism, obvious knowledge could not be faulted and it made us feel so reassured as first time parents about the procedure on our week old baby. The procedure was quick, seemed relatively painless and has made a huge difference in terms of feeding. Our baby is putting on lots of weight and my breasts are no longer engorged! Would recommend without any reservation.
Alina S
excellent perfect job. thanks for your job! we are happy now. baby are eating and get weight very well!!!
Aneta S
Tongue-tie We are very thankfull for help us . Profesional care and surgery of tongue-tie . Very friendly Lady which has done surgery and she was profesional and she know what she's doing excellent job . Thanks again
Excellent Fantastic expert knowledge and advice
Elizabeth H
Decision of tongue tie Excellent service, friendly and informative
Nathan G
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ From booking the appointment to the date of attending I felt confident and was very happy with the communication. The appointment itself was very good. Both myself and my wife were kept very much at ease and was well informed about the procedure that was to be done. We were given all the benefits along with the risks. We didn’t feel rushed and was given ample of time to make our final decision before going ahead with the procedure. Many Thanks.
Joanna B
Great service I couldn't fault this service at all. Very warm feeling as soon as we entered, and were reassured throughout. Thankyou.
Joshua B
Prompt and professional service Suzanne listened to us carefully, gave a clear diagnosis of a posterior tie and appreciated our past experience with another of our children. The procedure was quick, value-for-money excellent and after-care conscientious! Great job!
Dominique G
Tongue tie The advice we received on the tongue tie was helpful and reassuring. The tongue tie procedure itself was extremely brief, and very expertly carried out. We have seen a substantial difference in our baby's feeding following the procedure, and are very grateful that the services of Baby to Breast were recommended to us. We would not hesitate to recommend to other parents.
Prompt Service We managed to get an appointment for a tongue tie consultation and cut at fairly short notice, close to Christmas. Suzanne was friendly, professional and reassuring.
Eleanor L
Highly recommended I would highly recommend Babytobreast, Suzanne is very professional and put me at ease immediately. The procedure was very quick and my baby breast fed immediately afterwards. We have seen a marked improvement with breastfeeding, he is now thriving and much more content. Only wish I had found this service sooner, as the NHS in our area has a 6 week waiting list.
Deborah S
Tongue tie revision on my 8 week old daughter Since having her tie revised, Diana is almost a different baby. We continue to breast and formula feed but the time at the breast is much improved. Also her three hour colic sessions every night have completely stopped(almost immediately) and the dribbling of milk has greatly improved also. So much more improvement than her older sister had after having her tongue tie revision within the NHS. Worth every penny, thanks so much!
Brilliant! As soon as babys tongue-tie had been fixed, I was able to feed properly immediately. Such a relief. Suzanne was absolutely brilliant...very professional and informative. Have me some great feeding advice and follow up care. I would definitely recommend her and her services.
Money well spent Our twins were born early and struggled with breastfeeding and gaining weight and unfortunately the hospital didn't refer them at this point for a tongue tie separation so as a family we decided to bottle feed. Bottle feeding didn't go to plan with one twin as she would only take 50mls and then refuse to take the bottle! At 20 weeks we decided we'd had enough of being fobbed off by the doctors telling us the tongue tie wasn't an issue and that she wasn't gaining weight well that we would pay privately! Well worth the money, our twins now enjoy their milk and our little twin is now taking 5oz per feed! I wish we'd come sooner!
Alison H
Less is More Very much a less is more approach. Suzanne gave us a full assessment and recommended a change of technique rather than a tongue tie division which we had originally searched for. Within a week, the feeding was pain free and baby was thriving.
Coral T
suzanne suzanne
H Cartwright
Tongue tie I felt that the explanation of the procedure and the pros and cons of having it done were well explained to me and were presented in a balanced way which enabled me to make an informed decision.
Nikki A
Thank you Brilliantly professional lady. We were referred by other mums and so very glad we used her services. I recommend this lady always since as she made a dramatic difference to our precious little ones start in life . Thank you
Angharad G
Tongue tie Fantastic and quick appointment. Easy to book. You made me feel very relaxed and understand the procedure. You undertook the &#39;snip&#39; very quickly and with undue fuss. It was a positive experience which has enabled Cora and I to breastfeed successfylly!
Sandra S
Tonque tie I am very satisfied,profesjonalne service
Alena Fielding
Tongue-tie division Forever grateful to Suzanne for making it possible for me to feed my baby girl. She is almost 4 months now, and I still feel lucky I got recommended Babytobreast when I feed her. The difference pre/post division is unbelievable. Suzanne was extremely professional and accommodating - we had a Saturday evening appointment! The whole experience - examination, procedure, feed after - were a breeze. I'd recommend Suzanne to all mummies without a moment's hesitation!
Zoe M
Tongue tie and breastfeeding support Suzanne is lovely and provided a friendly, helpful and professional consultation. Would definitely recommend.
Leigh R
A cut above the rest! Suzanne came recommended and didn't disappoint. She fitted us in at short notice when I was feeling low about my daughter not feeling well. She was able to identify a posterior tongue tie quickly and in the blink of an eye she had performed the procedure to release my daughter's tongue and the improvement in her feeding was almost instant. Polite, professional and patient I would highly recommend Babytobreast.
Ellie H
Tongue tie procedure We were extremely impressed with how professional and knowledgable Suzanne was. It was immediately apparent that Ava was in safe hands and we felt confident in Suzanne's ability to complete the procedure. Obviously, as new parents, it was all quite nerve wracking but it was over so quickly and the results were immediate. Suzanne then guided me with feeding position and Ava latched perfectly for the first time. Since the procedure feeding and sleeping had improved immeasurably with Ava generally going for 5-8hr stretches in one go ☺️. Whereas before she would wake every 30-40 mins with terrible wind. Thank you very much Suzanne!
Jennifer Denham
Tongue Tie Assesment & Division Excellent service, would recommend to anyone needed Assesment and treatment for a Tounge tie.
nicola i
Great! We were seen quickly and able to get the tongue tie sorted out. Feeding advice was given afterwards and email support.
Luci T
Best in the business Suzanne is an absolute guru on feeding and I only wish I'd seen her with my first baby as she diagnosed and treated baby 2 with such confidence and experience that we trusted her implicitly with her advice and then subsequent treatment. Couldn't recommend her any more highly.
Lee Gregory
Tongue Tie Separation Extremely helpful. Simple procedure, great advice and a massive weight off our minds. Would recommend to other parents in a heartbeat.
Rebecca S
Feedback I was extremely pleased with the service Suzanne provided. Suzanne was the first person to took at the bigger picture and listen to me as a mum. The aftercare was great and the drop-in on a Tuesday is a very useful and reassuring additional resource to customers. Thank you
Peter G
Suzanne is an absolute star Very pleased with the service we received from Babytobreast; fenulotomy for our twins. Suzanne is caring, professional and very skilled. Can't recommend her enough.
Lydia C
Professional service! Very helpful and professional! Thank you!
Anoopa M
Frenulectomy Clear and efficient service. Explained everything in detail and explained all options also so that an informed choice could be provided.
Jacqueline H
Tongue tie consult Suzanne was excellent and highly informative when we came to see her about our baby potentially having a posterior tongue. She took a concise and holistic approach to our feeding issues to ensure the correct route causes were found and as a result her suggested solutions were highly effective-I would recommend her very highly to any mums in need of lactation support of any kind!
Bethany C
Tongue Tie I would definitely recommend Suzanne, I contacted Suzanne via email and was seen the same day due to massive problems and pain in breastfeeding, Ethan was just 3 weeks old and scored poor score especially regarding his movement. Suzanne offered a private consultation and we agreed to have the procedure. Not to mention the clinic was so welcoming with in Suzanne's home. Ethan is now 7 weeks and the feeding is great and the latch is pain free, took only a couple of days to heal!
Kylie D
Fantastic I really can't recommend Suzanne enough. Not only was she thorough with her examination of my baby girl, she was very professional and friendly and put my mind at ease. I really couldn't have asked for anything more. Absolutely fantastic. Thank you so much Suzanne.
Stephanie Ventress
Excellent Service! Wow! What a brilliant service Babytobreast offers. Suzanne saw us the very same day that I contacted her about our son's tongue tie and the division was performed safely and professionally that evening. I noticed a difference in the feeding right away and we are still breastfeeding nearly 6 weeks on :-) Thank you!
Stuart W
Fantastic service We were so pleased with the service and treatment provided. It has made a huge difference. Such a lovely person to deal with too!
Katy S
Tongue tie snipping We had our sons tongue tie snipped when he 3 days old. Our appointment was extremely professional, informative and worth every penny. Without this I would have given up breastfeeding as the pain was intolerable. 6 weeks on we are now still breastfeeding and doing well.
Lucy B
Transformed After the simple procedure to snip my 16 week old babies posterior tongue tie his feeding has been transformed. It took a little time but after about 3 weeks learning how to use his new tongue feeding has gone from over an hour to 20 minutes. Within days of the procedure he made all sorts of new noises too, so we can now have a proper chat with him and he has the best giggle. We are very pleased that we went ahead with the procedure and can't fault the service we were given.
Natalie H
Tonge Tie Division Fantastic service from Suzanne. Explained treatment fully and spent time reassuring and listening to our experiences. Took time after division to support with feeding and offered continuing support after by phone or email.Since division there has been an improvement in feeding and my daughters general well being. Thank you Suzanne would highly recommend
Colette J
Successful snip! We took our 15 week old for assessment 4 weeks ago. After a slow start, our baby is now; breastfeeding successfully, gaining weight, feeding quickly, painlessly and efficiently. Really grateful.
Elizabeth R
Tongue tie Excellent
Claire Kenny
Tongue tie We came to the appointment a bit nervous but I was put at ease immediately. Suzanne was very honest with us that the procedure may not work as she had a high pallet too. Unfortunately things didn't improve for us but I am still glad I went through with it and I feel like I've tried everything to help with breast feeding.
Trudy L
What an amazing change! Having struggled to feed my first 2 children and massive emotional turmoil I thought the same was happening in the first two weeks with my third - excruciating stabbing breast pain following feeding and no improvement in the cracked sore nipples. There was a suggestion of tongue tie by the local breastfeeding support team although to look at as a GP myself it wasn't very obvious. I sought the help of B2B as the NHS wait was so long. Within one hour we had been thoroughly assessed, watched feeding, tongue tie diagnosed and divided and baby back feeding and PAIN FREE!! 7 weeks now and still exclusively breastfeeding! I have no doubt that without this service I would have been bottle feeding by 3 weeks! Wonderful service and a wealth of information - looking at my first 2 children and husband - they are all tongue tied!!
Esme W
Excellent support and advice I am so pleased we went to see Suzanne. She provided excellent advice, looked after our 4 day old daughter with professionalism and we felt well informed and supported. The service was better than we could have hoped and we were thrilled with the results of the tongue tie division.
Kevin K
Tongue Tie Assessment and Treatment Suzanne provided an accessible and efficient service for treatment of my son's posterior tongue tie. The diagnosis was confirmed and treated effectively the same day. The technique for treatment varied slightly from what I have used in ENT (I work as an ENT surgeon), but was effective with minimal bleeding. His tongue movement improved and a couple of weeks later his breastfeeding also improved. An unbiased service was provided for my wife in terms of her feeding options and the explanations, consent and record keeping was meticulous. This proved to be a good interface between midwifery and surgical intervention.
Lydia H
Straight forward and informative Suzanne gave us all the information we needed to make a decision about having our daughters tongue tie snipped. Everything made sense and shone a light on why we were having feeding issues and nipple trauma. Would have liked to have had more time to assess feeding afterwards so perhaps it would be good to have an extended session at additional cost.
Tim Russell
Tongue tie correction We had our 1-week old baby's tongue tie corrected and we are so glad we did, he could instantly breastfeed more successfully and has quickly gained weight. Plus breastfeeding is no longer a dreaded part of bringing up the baby. Our experience was fantastic and we highly recommend Suzanne
Kate H
Great service! Suzanne was friendly and professional and put me at ease throughout the appointment. Baby boy now feeds very well unfortunately not on the breast but is now much happier which means I am much happier too! Thank you!
Claire B
Breastfeeding consultation Excellent service. Very thorough examination of baby's mouth and behaviour. Also good advice for mother on technique and positions to improve latch. Definitely helped our situation.
Clare H
100% satisfied I was incredibly impressed by Suzanne, her professional experience and personable manner. The wait for a tongue tie cut on the NHS was 3 (even more agonizing) weeks, but when I phoned Suzanne an appointment was made for the next working day. Suzanne was clear and honest about the procedure, which took mere moments and was entirely stress free for both myself and my daughter. I was impressed too, by the aftercare offered by Suzanne. Would, and have, recommended her without hesitation.
Sam L
Fantastic Service We took our 3 week old twins to Suzanne after our request for referrals via our local Health Visitors and Community Midwives fell on deaf ears. It was clear to us that one twin was obviously tongue-tied and we suspected the other was too, as both had latch issues and were struggling to gain weight. Suzanne was extremely friendly and helpful, and confirmed our suspicions straight away. The procedure was carried out on both twins there and then, and there was an immediate improvement in feeding for both. We can't thank Suzanne enough for the invaluable service she provided. She made us feel at ease and it was so nice to have someone actually listen to, and confirm, our concerns rather than dismiss them or procrastinate! Highly recommend Suzanne's services to anyone who suspects their baby may be tongue-tied or needs breastfeeding support.
Katrina R
Excellent Suzanne is brilliant very knowledgable and supportive. Great after care too. All ready recommended her several times to others already.
Hayley L
Fantastic service We were told our baby girl had a tongue tie when she was a few days old, that was when I realised the pain I was experiencing when feeding was not going to get ease off. Desperate to continue feeding and with no immediate help available from the NHS we contacted Suzanne and decided to travel from Leicester to Bedford to have the procedure carried out on our week old baby. I cannot fault the service we received from Suzanne, she was calm, reassuring and sympathetic. I felt immediate benefit and within a week I had healed and our baby girl experienced no side effects. Our baby girl is now nearly four months old and I know I wouldn't have been able to continue exclusively feeding her myself without our visit to Suzanne. Thank you
Natalie D
Excellent Service and result After experiencing mastitis, cracked and bleeding nipples by day 10 after our son was born trying to feed him, I was relieved that finally after nearly 3 weeks of agony someone confirmed our thoughts that our son had a tongue tie and Suzanne was recommended. (3 professionals had already missed the tongue tie!) Suzanne was very professional and cut our son's tongue quickly before assisting him to feed straight away. We are now well away with feeding and I am delighted that I am able to exclusively breast feed my little boy as I had always hoped to. I highly recommend Suzanne. Thank you.
Angela Alexander
Great service Great service. Fully explained everything and has been very responsive to queries since the division. Would highly recommend
Sarah E
Excellent service Suzanne was lovely and very reassuring throughout the procedure. Procedure didn't take long but she made us feel very comfortable and answered any questions we had. Would recommend.
Anya R
Excellent Suzanne was very professional, informative and supportive at a difficult time for us. She identified the problem swiftly and feeding improved very quickly after treatment. I'm so grateful to Suzanne for her help.
Jenny B
Just what was needed to continue breastfeeding I was able to get an appointment in 2 days time, on a Saturday which could be booked online. My daughter was 5 days old and I knew the pain I was experiencing could only be resolved through professional consultation. I'm so glad I found Suzanne. The appointment was convenient and the location easy to get to. Suzanne explained what was going to happen and why which reassured us we were speaking to someone who could help us. Suzanne was honest in her appraisal of our daughter's posterior tongue tie and let the room to give us time to discuss the options. We really appreciated that privacy and thinking time. The cut itself was much less distressing than I anticipated and Suzanne gave helpful breastfeeding positioning advice immediately. Without a doubt Suzanne's support has meant I am happy I will be able to breastfeed for the long term future. The results were instantaneous and my daughter fed almost continuously for four hours that evening and I was able to do that with no pain due to the tongue tie being cut. My daughter went from gaining OK weight to excellent weight gain. I have recommended her to people already and will continue to do so.
Hannah-Marie L
Lovely lady My little one has an acid reflux and what feeding terribly. I took him to the doctors with query tounge tie. The doctor and HV both disagreed with me and said he would grow out of his poor feeding. I wasn't happy with this so decided to book an appointment with Suzanne. Suzanne was very warm and welcoming to me and my partner. She is very caring and takes great pride in what she does. She snipped my sons tounge with (which I was told he didn't have). My son only cried for a minute and Suzanne made me feel very comfortable through the whole procedure. Since the divide my son is feeding so much better. He is a lot more relaxed during and after bottles. He still has acid reflux but it's not as bad as it was. My son also has a high pallet which i didnt know about until I saw Suzanne. He is now under S.A.L.T and a paediatrician for his reflux but without Suzanne help my son would still be suffering. With his tounge tie I was more or less pouring the milk down his throat. I can't thank Suzanne enough if in doubt please get your baby's tounge checked it causes so many problems for your little one. More awareness needs to be raised on tounge tie even a paediatric doctor missed my sons. My money was well and I would recommend this lady to anyone.
rebecca k
Amazing Suzanne was friendly and so reassuring. Wonderful service from an expert.
Tina M
Tongue tie Thank you so much for your time and advice with my daughters tongue tie. You made us feel totally relaxed and well informed. My little girl is feeding wonderfully now and I'm so pleased our breastfeeding journey can continue for as long as she wishes. Thank you again :)
Mukhbir Kalsi
Happy With the Service The Service and advise offered was very Helpful. Thanks will recommend to anyone who will require this in future.
Natasha M
Fantastic Support As a second time mummy who had breastfed my first baby for 20 months, I was distraught to find myself on the brink of giving up with my second. Thankfully an article about posterior tongue tie led me to Suzanne and my second breastfeeding journey was transformed into the truly positive experience I knew it could and should be! Suzanne was warm, welcoming and professional and soon restored my confidence through her guidance with positioning and her knowledge about breastfeeding. My daughter's posterior tongue tie was swiftly attended to and within seconds I was nursing her without any of our previous problems. My only regret is not discovering Suzanne earlier (my daughter was 10 weeks old)! I would recommend Suzanne to all parents seeking support and advice with infant feeding and/or tongue ties.
Tina L
Suzanne made breastfeeding a wonderful experience in Since having the tongue tie snipped. Both bottle and breastfeeding has become easier. Breastfeeding is no longer uncomfortable and she is able to get more milk from me. But also when I need to give her a bottle she isn't sucking in too much air like before. Suzanne was very informative and helped put me at ease. If it wasn't for her my daughter would only just be having the treatment done at the hospital and I would have given up on breastfeeding.
Nicola B
Tongue tie A very professional set up with all stages of the procedure explained fully and in detail. Support also offered for breast feeding. would fully recommend if your baby has a tongue tie.
Tina Sizmur
Review of Eriyon The advice and service I received when visiting was brilliant and did a lot to reassure me. Eriyon still has the same problems though. Still sick an huge amount, still full of wind all the time and fussing at feeds.
Sharna C
Tongue tied Such a lovely service. Made me as a mother feel totally at ease with the procedure. Very quick and professional. I would most definitely recommend.
Olga C
Just great! Suzanne is a true master! She divide the tongue tie very quickly and my 7 months old baby fell asleep in 2 minutes afterwards (well, OK, she cried for about a minute). I am very glad we did it, cause now our baby is pulling her tongue out:-) Thank you very much, Suzanne!:-)
Rachel T
Many thanks Professional yet friendly
Ella S
Great help Suzanne was able to see me quickly and I found the online booking process great; the whole procedure was very quick and my little one fed straight after. Suzanne was lovely and very helpful, highly recommended. Thank you again!
Georgina P
over and above Suzanne was lovely and very patient with me. She gave great advice and definitely helped with our feeding issues.
Forida R
Tongue tie A very warm and professional service. Well detailed and advice on Breastfeeding. Appointment was given on same day of enquiry. Would definitely recommend.
Helen C
Tongue tie. We had an appointment with Suzanne within 36hrs of our son being born with a full tongue tie. we found Suzanne very pleasant and professional. we would recommend her services.
Jessica S
Understanding and successful Suzanne was extremely understanding of our situation and provided us with a rounded view of the situation allowing us to make an informed decision about whether to proceed. Within a few days of the procedure our baby was breastfeeding with greater ease and it has continued to improve in an almost miraculous fashion. I would recommend Suzanne for diagnosing tongue-tie and for performing the procedure.
katie w
Thanks Thanks for treating my sons tongue tie you explained everything clearly before and during the appointment and we appreciated how quick we got an appointment. It has made a great difference to breastfeeding.
beth i
a great relief and everything is going well We are very happy with the support Suzanne gave us in rectifying our sons tongue tie. We also received support and a better understanding of some of the problems in breast feeding our other two it turns out, Suzanne kindly assessed all my children and they are all tongue tied! I have exclusively breast fed all my three children and my two eldest were very difficult experiences-lots of soreness, bleeding nipples, very long and erratic feeds (we now know why!!) Since my third boy has been seen and supported by suzanne, the feeding experience is so different to my other children and I can honestly say that breast feeding is now a complete joy and a comfortable experience. I wish we had come to Suzanne when our first child was born, 6 years ago. We are very happy with the support we have received and would come to Suzanne again, without any doubt or questions!! Thanks a million.
Shalini D
Anterior tongue tie Going to see Suzanne is one of the best decisions I have ever made. Words cannot describe how grateful I am. Suzanne was professional and thorough in her assessment, extremely efficient performing the procedure and at the same time very reassuring throughout what was a very emotional and stressful time. We were seen on the same day we called to enquire which was amazing since the referral appointment on the NHS for assessment only wasn't scheduled for 2 months and the wait to have the treatment even longer - by then it would have been too late for us. Having received conflicting advice from various health professionals I emailed Suzanne afterwards and her advice could not have been better. If you are concerned that your baby has a problem I would definitely recommend baby to breast for an honest assessment and invaluable advice.
Emily C
Excellent, personal service! Was made to feel really comfortable. Given lots of information and did not feel at all pressured for my daughter to have any procedures done. Would highly recommend.
Lisa S
10 day old baby Really efficient service. Put anxious mothers mind at ease very quickly. Baby Sebastian hardly realised what was happening as procedure was performed so quickly and efficiently. Would recommend Suzanne to anyone requiring procedure.
Emily P
Very professional and supportive practitioner The service we received was amazing! We were given so much support and advice. Highly recommended!
Emma Henry
A huge help! Can't thank Suzanne enough. We were seen the same day that we booked the appointment for our sons tongue tie. Less than a week on and we can see an improvement with feeding. Baby is happier and so are we! Suzanne was really knowledgeable and friendly. Would recommend.
Amazing!! My child became extremely gassy when he was 2 weeks old, it became apparent that he had a tongue tie. Suzanne was recommended to me by my neighbour as her child had also had the same thing. I could not have been more impressed. I initially rang at around 11am on a Saturday to make contact, Suzanne rang me back by 11.15 and an appointment was made for 3pm the same afternoon. This was far beyond my expectations; having previously been to the doctors and had an NHS appointment made for around 7 weeks time. We arrived and after an initial assessment the procedure was completed. His particular tongue tie was extremely tight and therefore required 3 'snips'. My child cried for less than a minute. Suzanne was extremely professional, informative and helpful. I am so pleased that we were able to rectify the problem so quickly, my child was instantly less windy and more content - and it's all thanks to Suzanne. I could not be more grateful.
Katy I
Baby Madeline 5 months old 7/2/15 Thank you so much to Suzanne who performed our daughter's severe tongue tie. Despite every doctor, midwife, health visitor diagnosing her tongue tie, none would refer her. We were told it would stretch. Unable to move her tongue hardly at all we discovered Suzanne - thankfully! I was robbed of breastfeeding but our baby would have had so many problems from feeding, weaning to dental issues. Suzanne was brilliant as was so nervous for Madeline being so much older. It was all over so quick, she had a feed on her bottle then immediately stuck her tongue out to my absolute joy! Something she hadn't been able to do. I cannot thank Suzanne enough for her expertise and friendly nature. I am forever grateful to you. Plus your fee for your service provided is the best money I have ever spent! And very very reasonable too x
Charlotte H
A great help We came to Baby to Breast when our 11 week old was failing to gain weight. Suzanne couldn't have been more helpful. After discussing our daughter's symptoms on the phone we booked an appointment. Our baby had severe tongue tie, which hadn't been spotted by any other health professionals. It was cut there and then, calmly and quickly, and we now have a baby who's gaining weight well and can eat 3 times faster than before.
Not a magic wand The procedure was quick and efficient. Unfortunately the procedure didn't seem to have any affect for us and baby developed thrush the next day and continues to have it some 4 weeks later, I don't know if it's connected. I found the after care not so helpful when I wanted a follow up appointment and was brusquely told to consult her online diary. Once money was taken I felt the service lacked a little in aftercare. I wouldn't recommend and in hindsight have gone via NHS
Samatha A
Tongue tie We came to Suzanne when my son was 7 months she was fantastic from my first contact with her. My son had anterior tongue tie and with a 6 week wait on the nhs we chose to go private. Highly recommended!
Katy I
Baby Madeline 5 months old 7/2/15 Thank you so much to Suzanne who performed our daughter's severe tongue tie. Despite every doctor, midwife, health visitor diagnosing her tongue tie, none would refer her. We were told it would stretch. Unable to move her tongue hardly at all we discovered Suzanne - thankfully! I was robbed of breastfeeding but our baby would have had so many problems from feeding, weaning to dental issues. Suzanne was brilliant as was so nervous for Madeline being so much older. It was all over so quick, she had a feed on her bottle then immediately stuck her tongue out to my absolute joy! Something she hadn't been able to do. I cannot thank Suzanne enough for her expertise and friendly nature. I am forever grateful to you. Plus your fee for your service provided is the best money I have ever spent! And very very reasonable too x
Jennifer E
Baby to breast ltd Absolutely fantastic service, would highly recommend Suzanne, not only was she very informative she made me and my baby feel at ease! Very professional from start to finish, big thanks xx
Janie C
Tongue tie I found Suzanne to be friendly, knowledgable and professional. She diagnosed my son with tongue tie skilfully and efficiently, 5 previous health professionals had failed to diagnose the condition (3 doctors, 1 midwife and 1 health visitor). I was in a lot of pain whilst breast feeding and really needed help, I had been to 4 breast feeding clinics but on providing details of the issues was consistently advised the issue was with latch. After the tongue tie was separated it took a while for things to improve, initially I was disheartened, I was so hopeful that separation of the tongue tie would improve things quickly. My son was 6 weeks when I took him to see Suzanne, it took a further 5 weeks for feeding to be pain free. I wonder whether this was because my son had to relearn how to feed. I am still breast feeding now and he is 14 weeks which I don't think I would be if the pain had continued due to tongue tie, so overall it has been a success. Suzanne saw me the day after I called her, which I really appreciated. More advice on positioning would have been helpful in the consultation, as I don't think this is possible via telephone support, other than that it was a very helpful, positive experience. I have recommended Suzanne to a friend of mine who has just had her second child and suffered with real issues trying to breast feed her first and had to wait 6 weeks for tongue tie separation through the NHS. Thank you Suzanne for providing an excellent service.
Finnegan L
Brilliant service We were recommended Suzanne's care after our son was failing to put on any weight & a posterior tongue tie was suspected. We used her website to book an appointment which and were seen just 4 days later in Leicester. The consultation was thorough, unrushed and Suzanne was very reassuring. The tongue tie was confirmed and a frenulotomy was performed there and then. Our son fed brilliantly straight after with guidance given by Suzanne on feeding positions. We watched his weight fairly religiously after with our health visitor to see if it had solved the problem. Week 1 saw a 4oz increase, week 2 a 2oz increase and then came the leap we were waiting for..11oz in week 3. There is now a general upward trend and two happier parents in the world. We would highly recommend Suzanne's care and have done already to other new parents & family. Thank you x
Kirsty S
Baby to breast review We had a very positive experience with Suzanne right from booking the appointment online which was very easy and we managed to get a slot for the same week. At the appointment Suzanne was very friendly and reassuring about the procedure and clearly was very knowledgeable on the subject. This was particularly important for us as first time parents of a 2 week old baby we were a bit nervous and unsure. Suzanne really set our minds at rest. The procedure was very short and my daughter only cried for a couple of seconds before she was handed to me to I could feed her. The difference in pain levels was apparent instantly and I could believe the amount of pain I was putting up with previously. From this very first feed after the procedure I ha had no pain at all feeding her. Suzanne also showed me a different way of holding my daughter whilst feeding which again has improved comfort levels no end. Suzanne also offered support afterwards and followed up with an email although we had no problems so did not need this additional service. I am very grateful to Suzanne for helping me continue breastfeeding my baby as without this procedure I would have certainly given up and switched to bottle feeding. My daughter is now nearly 8 weeks old and I am still breastfeeding with no pain and have a very healthy and happy little girl.
Can't fault the service Suzanne was thorough and patient, assessed my daughters tongue tie and fixed it with pretty much instant results. Gave good advice over the phone beforehand which my own midwife hadn't given, meaning I got her to gain some more weight prior to our appointment. Since the revision she has continued to breastfeed and has gained an incredible amount- 20oz in one week!! Highly recommend her services
Daisy C
Division of ankyloglossia (tongue tie) Kind and helpful advice. The division was performed safely and quickly with much consideration for our baby, thank you.
Elizabeth M
Tongue Tie Fix Following an unsuccessful frenulectomy at the hospital we decided to visit Suzanne who reviewed the situation and carried out a complete frenulectomy. Suzanne was calm and efficient and helpful. She even identified that I myself had a tongue tie. Our baby was none the wiser about what she did, a totally different experience to the hospital. Thank you Suzanne :-)
Elizabeth H
Tongue tie procedure I can't fault the service and procedure. I wa provided with all the information required and the actual procedure was straightforward and quick. There was no blood or tears from my baby and he feed immediately after. Since the tongue tie procedure feeding improved after a few days and as a result has made it possible for me to continue breast feeding. I would completely recommend Suzanne. Thank you.
Jennie G
Would and have already highly recommended. We took our 4 week old baby who was suffering terribly with colic to Suzanne with the hope that removing her tongue tie would help. Suzanne got back to me almost instantly and we wee able to see her the next day. We were very impressed with her assessment of our daughter, the procedure itself went as well as it could and her advice on how to feed her better was brilliant. I would and have already recommended Suzanne to others.
Sophie Galliana
Tongue tie- Scarlett Galliana After our daughter lost a lot of weight on day 3 due to feeding issues we were recommend to see Suzanne. Being first time parenting and not knowing that much about tongue tie we were obviously quite nervous but as soon as we sat down with Suzanne with her comforting personality we felt at ease. The procedure was very quick and scarlett hardly cried and She fed straight away. We had a follow up email from Suzanne asking if everything was ok and to contact her with any questions we may have. We would defiantly recommend babyto breast and we have already done so.
Anna B
Excellent My baby was initially diagnosed with tongue tie by my health visitor and the hospital feeding clinic. I booked an appointment with Suzanne for the very next day, which was perfect as I didn't want to wait as breastfeeding had become so painful. Suzanne was friendly and reassuring, the process of dividing the tongue was simple snd the pain/discomfort to my baby was minimal. Breastfeeding was immediately more comfortable much to my relief! Without visiting Suzanne I would have given up breastfeeding so I am very grateful we were able to see her so quickly.
Shelley W
Delighted with service My son was born with a tongue tie which made breastfeeding difficult and painful. Suzanne was able to offer an appointment within 48 hrs which was a huge relief to me. The service was professional and Suzanne's calm and kind manner greatly put me at ease. Suzanne stayed with me after the procedure until my baby was feeding well. Since the procedure 4 weeks ago my baby has continued to feed well and I have experienced no pain. I am delighted with the service and enjoying breastfeeding as a result.
Collette N
Excellent After having a number of issues with feeding my son and not being listened to quick enough by my local professionals I reached breaking point of having minimal supply of my own milk and a baby with allergies to all formula! After feeding my daughter for 17momths I knew seething was wrongI called Suzanne in tears in search of an answer. Suzanne seen me instantly the same day, confirmed tongue tie, he had his revision on the spot and instantly noticed a difference in feeding and within 2 weeks my supply had increased, I was able to stop taking supplements and we now feed perfectly :) I couldn't be happier.
Jo S
Excellent Suzanne was fantastic from the automated online booking system which meant we could book an appointment on Sunday for the following day; to the treatment. Suzanne was very warm, friendly and knowledgeable. I felt very confident that we had made the right decision in choosing her and was happy with the consultation, tongue tie division and advice provided. She was also very kind to my toddler who had to come along with us and was hyperactive after a long car journey. The 48 hrs after the division we had to re-learn how to feed as my daughter got used to her new tongue but I felt reassured that Suzanne was available if I needed to call her. All in all; fantastic.
Daisy H
Excellent I found the whole experience to be excellent. My baby remained relaxed and calm throughout having his tongue tie cut (with just a couple of tears) and has fed brilliantly since. I was made to feel confident and relaxed whilst he was having it done as Suzanne is clearly an expert! Her extra advice on positioning baby whilst feeding was very much appreciated. Thank you
Joanne D
Excellent Care Suzanne was amazing and was very reassuring. She made my son feel comfortable before the procedure and helped me to breastfeed straight after. I haven't had any problems since and would highly recommend her. Calm & comfortable environment, and did not feel rushed in anyway. I really felt Suzanne took the time to understand our issues. Many thanks again.
Victoria H
Excellent knowledge My husband and I took our son to see Suzanne about a possible tongue tie as he was having problems feeding and also suffered from severe silent reflux. Unfortunately it had meant I had to stop breast feeding as the NHS did not pick up on it. Suzanne did a very thorough assessment and was so professional which gave us lots of reassurance. She snipped the tongue tie and this, in addition to some medication, improved our son's feeding. I only wish I'd taken him to Suzanne sooner as I'm sure her knowledge and support would have been invaluable with lactation advice.
Jemma B
Excellent service We contacted Suzanne with our sons tongue tie at 8 days old as it was not possible for him to latch successfully. Our appointment was the very next day and although it is a nerve racking procedure for parents it was worth all of the stress. We now have a very happy little boy who is breastfed and gaining weight fast. Thank you so much for making breastfeeding possible for myself and Austin.
Michelle B
reassuring care & advice After a very stressful first few weeks with my baby not being able to feed properly and having to wait another 3 weeks on the NHS. I was relieved to get an appointment so quickly. Suzanne put us at ease and helped me with my breast feeding position before we left. We didn't feel rushed and she gave reassuring advice.
Emma W
Helpful & friendly Suzanne was very thorough and informative. The procedure was done quickly. My daughter has improved so much with her feeding after this procedure and has been more settled and happier. Thank you.
Hannah H
Excellent Service We visited Suzanne with our 4 day old baby, after being given an NHS appointment for 4 weeks time. We had confidence that we would have a good experience as Suzanne successfully divided our little boy's tongue tie 2 years previously. Suzanne is professional, thorough and caring. The treatment was successful and breastfeeding was immediately more comfortable and Martha has continued to gain weight well. The breastfeeding advice given post frenulotomy was also excellent and I am always impressed at how Suzanne keeps up to date with current research and bases her practice on this. We highly recommend her!
Fleur B
Excellent! We visited Suzanne with Fleur's tongue tie when she was 6 dats old and although we were breast feeding it was extremely painful. Aside from having the tie cut which made feeding more comfortable and enjoyable it was undoubtedly the best hour we could have spent at that time. Suzanne was warm, welcoming and calm, yet extremely professional, knowledgable and most importantly, reassuring. I would recommend a visit to Suzanne to benefit from her expertise to anyone who is breast feeding, if everyone had the opportunity to see someone of Suzanne's calibre in the area of lactation I think far more mums would be successfully and happily breastfeeding. We can't thank Suzanne enough for fitting us in at such short notice, it was a real turning point in my early relationship with my daughter.
Annmarie G
Very helpful indeed Excellent care provided would recommend to any one and didn't try to fob us of thank you for the brilliant service we received from you
Rebecca S
Very professional We had a very good and professional service. Would recommend. My baby and has so much happier and content since having procedure.
Will Pollitt
excellent experience I would recommend Suzante to anyone struggling to breastfeed. We had an appointment 3 days after we decided it would be a good idea. There needs to be more midwives like her.
David H
Excellent, informed service Suzanne was extremely helpful for us in addressing our week-old baby's tongue tie. We were waiting on a referral to a hospital, and we were concerned that our baby wasn't eating enough, so we found her through her website and arranged an appointment within a day or two (which was timely, as when the appointment did arrive it was for when the baby would be about a month old)! Our son was assessed to see whether the procedure was necessary or not, and once it was established that it would help, it was performed on the spot with minimal distress to the baby, who was more put out by the examination of his mouth than he was the procedure itself, which took a matter of moments. Having had the tongue tie taken care of, he fed perfectly, latching immediately in the clinic with no discomfort to his mother :-) I'd definitely recommend Babytobreast to anyone who is concerned about their baby's eating. Suzanne is friendly and knowledgeable, and you'll know that your baby is in safe hands!
Suzanne B
Excellent service Suzanne was really helpful - she diagnosed my baby's tongue tie and helped me with feeding positions to help latch him on better. We still had problems so she was then happy to cut the tie on a return visit. I would definitely recommend her to any one having feeding problems.
Jacqui R
excellent service, extremely professional My baby had a frenulotomy preformed at baby to breast. The service was excellend very professional. I would definitley recommend to anyone considering babytobreast. Im so happy i made that visit !!! Thank you again!! :-)
Jennifer De Rienzo
Excellent We saw Suzanne with our 2 week old little girl after a really difficult time feeding. Our daughter would feed for at least an hour at a time and never seemed satisfied. Every feed was agony for me and I was cracked and bleeding. Plus she had only gained 4ozs in her first 2 weeks. Suzanne diagnosed and treated her tongue tie and was amazing with us as well. Even face timing and talking to us on the phone afterwards. Since the tongue tie was released the pain was better almost immediately and our daughter gained 9ozs in the week after it was done! Feeds became shorter and we were all much happier. I was really worried about it but Suzanne couldn't have been nicer. Excellent.
Osheni D
EXCELLENT Suzanne was so professional, knowledgable and efficient, the service we had from phone call to the procedure were nothing short of excellent. We were seen immediately and we felt at ease with her as we werent rushed, all questions answered. Definately recommend her to anyone.
Rebecca Currie
Excellent...transformed feeding experience At 7 days old, we were told out baby had a tongue tie. Having never heard of this, we were told that our local trust would not perform the procedure as they didn't deem it to be necessary. We were given Suzanne's contact details so arranged to attend clinic and were greeted by an extremely warm, caring, understanding and supportive professional. The thought of having our 8 day old baby's tongue divided was a little scary but with Suzanne's wealth of knowledge and experience, also sense of humour, we were soon put at ease. Prior to the tongue tie division, our baby had struggled to latch on and remain feeding for any decent length of time. This resulted in her continually losing weight, more rapidly than is normal. I was in agony with cracked and bleeding nipples; not to mention a sense of failure that I was struggling to provide for m daughter what should have come so naturally. As soon as I fed after the division, the sense of relief was overwhelming. I felt no pain or discomfort and my baby fed more efficiently, clearly more comfortably and without screaming in frustration. Our daughter is now a happy, thriving 5 month old who is still exclusively breastfed. If it was not for this procedure, I am sure I would have resorted to formula and given up on breastfeeding altogether. I highly recommend Suzanne's services to anyone considering whether it is worth it or not. I can safely say, this is the best money I have spent on my daughter since she has been born. Thank you Suzanne from us and our happy baby!
Fantastic! Suzanne was fantastic when we took my son to her for a tongue tie division. She could see us on the same day. She was very professional but also very caring and a natural with babies. She also did a great job of making me calm! She had lots of fantastic advice and information and was available afterwards if there were any further issues.
Chris G
Fantastic Service Within a few hours of our first baby being born it became apparent that he was tongue tied and this greatly affected his ability to breastfeed. Due to his jaundice levels he kept on falling sleep whilst on the breast and so we were advised by the hospital to bottle feed him as they were unable to offer any assistance with the tongue tie. Bottle feeding was not our preferred method feeding and therefore upon a recommendation from a friend we contacted Suzanne who explained what tongue tie was and how this affects breast feeding. Suzanne was actually on holiday when we contacted her but she still took the time to ring us and gave us some tips of what to do in the interim before our appointment with her. We were able to get an appointment with Suzanne within 9 days of our son being born and thankfully the treatment that Suzanne provided has been a huge success. We are very grateful for the all of the support, guidance and advice that Suzanne gave us. As first time parents we were naturally anxious and concerned about the procedure but Suzanne spent time to reassure us both and interestingly spotted that we are both tongue tied hence why our son is. The actually procedure took no time at all and our son didn't cry. He was straight away put onto the breast and did a huge feed, something that he had never been able to do before. He is now 5 weeks old and is exclusively breastfed. He has no problem latching on or with feeding. Having the procedure on his tongue has been the best thing that we could have done for our son and it was worth every penny. If we are fortunate to have more children in the future and find out that they are tongue tied then we will be contacting Suzanne straight away!
Louise D
Fantastic service, worth it's weight in gold Our daughter had tongue tie which made feeding painful and sore. We decided to make an appointment with baby to breast and got an appointment for 48 hrs later. Fantastic service, friendly caring and kind. Engaged with our older 2 children as well as our baby whose appointment it was. But best of all is that feeding is now easy and pain free. Cannot recommend enough.
Amanda B
Fast, efficient and caring service We saw Suzanne regarding our babies tongue tie. She was able to see us the next day. Suzanne was thorough in her examination if our child and also gave good advice. The procedure was very quick and our little girl was not really distressed afterwards at all. Excellent service - it was well worth getting the issue sorted rather than waiting weeks for an NHS appointment.
Paula S
Finally an expert! Such a relief to speak not only to a expert but to a realist and not a text book. Midwives and health visitors should get more training. Suzanne made us feel great after seeing her.
Great outcome! I was reluctant to have the procedure done on my newborn baby boy but it was so quick and didn't seem to bother him much. Afterwards we had the first painfree feed for ages, it was great! Still breastfeeding 2 months on, don't think I would have been able to continue otherwise.
Elizabeth M
Feedback for tongue tie procedure Extremely professional and thorough service. We were both impressed by your knowledge and manner when dealing with both ourselves and our baby. Having the tongue tie procedure has notably improved our baby's feeding and my comfort throughout. We also visited a cranial osteopath following your observations at our appointment and have seen further improvement as a result. We would definitely recommend your services.
Tanya L
Feeding is 100% better now Suzanne is simply brilliant and has totally changed mine and my baby's lives. Feeding was so painful and I was getting ready to give up with feeding her, I really didn't want to and once the midwife confirmed a tongue tie, I knew we had to do something. A friend of mine recommended Suzanne and I'm so glad she did. I was very worried about the procedure but Suzanne totally put my mind at rest, my little girl hardly even flinched when she carried it out. The after care and advice was fantastic and I am happy to report that 3 months down the line, I am still feeding her myself. Thank you, Suzanne.
Lauren A
Breast feeding consultation leading to fixing tongue tie for Remy Simpson The best thing I could of done was to contact and visit you. I initially came to see you for what I though was just issue with feeding, which did lead to finding out remy was severely tongue tied. Which was rectified. This has helped my feeding tremendously especially after being told by health visitors and the hospital that remy wasn't tongue tied. I still continued to be in pain after sorting his tongue tie, and have since had help through my local children's centre and am on medication for raynauds. This is definitely helping my pain. I found you to be ever so helpful and I felt very much in good hands. My only criticism is one that can't be helped, the cost. If it had not been for the cost I would of been back a few more times. Obviously fixing Remy's tongue was a must it's just unfortunate it cost me £120 and I was in a position where I had no choice. I understand though that private consultation comes with a price. Thank you for all your help.
Nichola n
Finally! After suffering for weeks with poor latch and pain it was a relief to hear my baby did have a TT. The process was quick and the advice was much appreciated. Still on our journey to love breastfeeding-it wasn't an instant fix-but is getting better as the weeks go on. Thank you.
Hollie R
Great improvement! My son was found to have posterior tongue tie at 16 weeks by a lactation consultant. She referred us to Suzanne Barber who quickly found is an appointment for a few days later. Suzanne made us feel comfortable and she was friendly and professional. She assessed my son's tongue tie and gave us the option of having it corrected that day or waiting a week hence applying no pressure. Following months of difficulty trying to get him to latch on and feed properly, we decided to have it corrected that day. It was quick and although inevitably my son wasn't impressed at the time, his feeding is now so much better. His tongue mobility is 100% improved meaning a far better latch and his feeding habits are much improved. We are so pleased we chose to have the procedure and would highly recommend Suzanne.
Great outcome! I was reluctant to have the procedure done on my newborn baby boy but it was so quick and didn't seem to bother him much. Afterwards we had the first painfree feed for ages, it was great! Still breastfeeding 2 months on, don't think I would have been able to continue otherwise.
Jenna Thomas
Great Service From the moment I spoke to Suzanne to Archie having his tongue tie sorted was less than 24hours. She offered a quick efficient service. She is knowledgeable and makes you feel at ease. Archie hardly noticed he had the procedure done as it was so quick. We would not hesitate in recommending her.
Roisin C
Great service Tongue tie cut, breastfeeding so much easier as a result. Advice and aftercare very helpful. Thank you.
Jagdeep P
Great service... ...from using the online booking system to Suzanne's professional, reassuring manner. I was quite worried about my one week old boy going through the tongue tie procedure but I was well informed from start to finish. My little one is now happily feeding and sticking his tongue out at me! Thank you.
Damian Panton
Great Service. Thanks Suzanne Suzanne saw us the same day as our son tongue tie was first spotted. She wasvery welcoming and helpful. The proceedure took no more than a second and Theo was totoally fine moments after. My wife also really appreciated the breastfeeding technique help.
Katherine D
Great support We saw Suzanne when we were having trouble with breastfeeding, soon after our daughter was diagnosed with tongue tie. Despite one division, we still couldn't get a comfortable latch and our little girl, having lost weight, was fed on expressed milk. Suzanne was very professional and really knows her stuff. She set straight to work and diagnosed a persisting posterior tongue tie, which she was then able to divide. She was a great support at a very difficult and emotional time. I appreciated her very warm,down to earth and straight-talking approach. She obviously loves babies, motherhood and her work and it really shows in the care she provides. I highly recommend seeing Suzanne if you are having any problems breastfeeding.
Cara H
Great support and reassurance We were referred to Suzanne when my daughter was about 10 weeks old. She had had tongue tie division at 7 weeks, but was still having problems feeding and latching, and struggling with weight gain. Most difficult was that I couldn't understand what was wrong. I was worried about the need for further division of the tie, and had pretty much made up my mind that I wouldn't put my daughter through it again. However, she also seemed unable to feed from bottles, so we were at a dead end. Suzanne was lovely, very friendly and reassuring, and carried out a full assessment not only of tongue function, but also the anatomy of the mouth and jaw. We were told that there were a few structural problems contributing to the feeding difficulties, but the tongue was fine. To finally have a reason for the problems was such a relief. It helped to have answers when people said to just give a bottle and give up breastfeeding. My daughter would have the same problem on any nipple, human or plastic! I also felt I now understood my daughter better. It wasn't her fault, she wasn't being deliberately difficult, and I needed to stay calm and patient. The detailed assessment and reassurance from Suzanne, together with email support, enabled me to have confidence in feeding my daughter who is now a happy, thriving, exclusively breastfed 4 month old.
Elizabeth H
Harry H tongue tie Excellent service. From enquiry to treatment in 48hrs. Suzanne was exceptionally professional and very friendly and calming! Very knowledgeable. I was so pleased we did this. It's been life changing for Harry!! X
Tongue-tie assessment Suzanne was very thorough and professional in her assessment of our baby's feeding problems. We would definitely recommend her to anyone in a similar situation. Suzanne treated us with the utmost sensitivity and professionalism, for which we are extremely grateful. Thank you.
Efficient and professional We were recommended to see Suzanne after a breast feeding counsellor noticed a tongue tie in our daughter. She had struggled with weight gain and was being topped up with expressed milk and formula. Suzanne saw us 3 days after I called and quickly identified and divided the tie. It was nerve wracking but the actual division was very quick and our daughter seemed fine after a feed. Unfortunately the division didn't solve our feeding issues and 4 1/2 weeks later we're still not exclusively breast feeding.
Sophie T
Highly Recommended Suzanne diagnosed and divided our baby's tongue tie when he was 10 days old. It was quite a nerve wracking experience for us (it was our first baby), but Suzanne made us feel instantly at ease. She is professional, knowledgeable, friendly and patient and I cannot fault the service that we received from her. I would definitely recommend her to others.
Highly recommended !! I took my daughter to see Suzanne when she was 16 days old to have the tongue division performed as it was noticed shortly after birth that she had tongue tie and i didnt want to have to wait months on the NHS! Suzanne made me feel so welcome and explained the procedure to me before carrying it out on my daughter. It was a fast and simple procedure and she quickly recovered within days, very pleased with the service and would highly recommend her my baby girl now sticks her tongue out all the time she loves it!! So worth it
Sarah B
Life Saver! I am so glad I was referred to babytobreast when my now 6 week old son was struggling to gain weight. He was 12 days old when we saw Suzanne and she diagnosed a posterior tongue tie which she divided straight away. She was extremely knowledgeable, reassuring and spent as much time as we needed to help with latch and to answer any concerns and queries we had. Well worth the money spent, great service!
Helen W
Made such a difference 4 weeks post tongue tie division and I have a healthy smiley baby who now feeds every 2-3 hours, is less windy, sleeps better and seems much happier. Thanks for a fab service. I remember Elsie smiling at Suzanne even after she had performed the op.
Victoria W
Much better feeder Since having the procedure his feeding has greatly improved. He no longer comes on and off the breast at the start of feeds and feeds for longer periods (unless distracted!) he is just generally calmer during a feed than he has ever been. Immediately after and ever since there has been no 'clicking' either. In addition, and I have no idea if this is related or not, but he doesn't choke any longer during let down. He appears to be significantly less windy and definitely brings up less milk after feeds. He was previously regularly vomiting over my shoulder right onto the floor for over an hour or more after feeds - as I say these two things may be all in my mind or not related at all but ultimately I'm pleased we made the journey and Ralph is overall much more successfully breastfed. Thank you very much for your advice and support
Samantha G
Professional and supportive - so lucky to have found you! We'd had weeks of health problems with our baby before getting to an appointment with Suzanne when our baby was 6.5 weeks old. Prolonged jaundice (with associated intensive feeding cycles), a silent reflux diagnosis with gaviscon prescribed and then serious feeding issues which meant I was on the verge of stopping breast feeding to ensure baby was well nourished enough. Suffice to say we arrived at our appointment with Suzanne frazzled and worried. Suzanne was calm, friendly and professional and immediately put us all at ease. The tongue assessment was discussed calmly and the possible options explained. As we gave the history of the challenges we faced Suzanne was incredibly understanding. An assessment of tongue functionality found our baby had a severe case of tongue tie so a division was carried out then and there. The tongue tie division was very quick and baby did not seem distressed. He then breast fed in he calmest way he ever had, and then promptly fell asleep - he had never done this before as he hadn't been able to feed effectively enough to become satiated! This simple procedure has transformed our family, and we will always be grateful to have found such a practical and supportive professional, as whilst many people told us our baby had tongue item they all said it wouldn't affect him as we chased symptoms... The service Suzanne offers give parents and babies a way out of this quagmire - highly recommended, thank you :-)
Naima C
job well done Suzanne is great at what she does. My little healed well. Cant tthank her enough
Karen K
Posterior tongue tie Great service from Suzanne, easy to book an appointment, she diagnosed and performed the posterior tongue tie snip to my 7 month old there and then. She is now able to eat solid food and move it around her mouth thanks to the procedure. Would definitely recommend her services to others.
Michelle H
holistic and effective service I needed to access this service as I couldn't access NHS services locally due to lack of provision. Had I not I'm certain I would not have been able to continue breastfeeding my baby. After a thorough assessment of my baby and the issues with breastfeeding, the treatment was quick and immediately effective as I was able to feed my baby, pain free for the first time. Best of all, we were given advice on latching, positioning and winding our baby that we hadn't been given by other health care professionals. I would highly recommend this to anyone struggling to breastfeed their child.
Cara H
Thank You So Much! I really appreciate everything. I loved the way Suzanne explained what she would be looking for and walked through the reasons I was there with me as well as assuring me that if a division wouldn't help or wasn't necessary she wouldn't snip the tongue if there wasn't a clear reason to. And the difference the procedure has made with feeding for us - well, it's made all the difference in the world! Thanks again!
Julia P
quick response having been let down by another provider Suzanne contacted me back very quickly to confirm the appointment. the procedure is quick & harmless. The only thing I could suggest to improve is perhaps a follow up telephone call rather than email after a few days to check how things are progressing.
Sarah C
Recommended I felt that Suzanne listened us and was professional and compassionate. We were happy with the procedure of tongue tie division which was carried out there and then and for us, it made a massive difference to breastfeeding and meant we could establish a successful breastfeeding relationship.
Sarah C
Resolved an agonising situation in one session! I am ever so grateful for the fantastic service I received from Suzanne. Firstly, she kindly offered an appointment to me when she had cancelled her clinic on that day as she understood I was struggling. Suzanne was very well informed and knowledgeable, she explained everything very clearly and I had every confidence in her knowing what was right for my baby. She helped make sense of all of the feeding problems I had been having and also the problems I had with my older child when I was breastfeeding her. She diagnosed and treated a severe tongue tie for my two week old baby. She was very considerate of our feelings about the procedure and of our baby during the procedure. I'm pleased to say that my baby's feeding was instantly transformed and my pain vanished (apart from residual damage that had to heel of course). It transformed my breastfeeding relationship! I am so grateful for what Suzanne has done for us! I am now breastfeeding with confidence and know I will be able to keep feeding for a long time. I also appreciated that Suzanne offered follow up contact which I didn't use in the end but it was nice to know I could discuss any questions or concerns. I would highly recommend! Thank you so much to Suzanne for what you have done for us.
Esther S
So pleased! Suzanne was so helpful in explaining everything and diagnosed the tongue tie easily. The procedure was very quick and the results were seen instantly on the first feed. Since then I've been overwhelmed with the amazing difference it has made to my son's feeding (both breastfeeding and solids) and also to me. I no longer have constant pain and recurrent mastitis and my son feeds so much quicker without bobbing off and on and getting distracted. When eating solids he no longer spits his food all over and can cope with eating chunks of food instead of only very smooth purees. I am extremely pleased but just wish that his tongue tie had been picked up by medical staff earlier. It would have saved me 7 1/2 months of pain, agony, frustration and tears! Thank you Suzanne!
Suzanne J
Samuel Very good service. No regrets for either child we have had snipped with you. Suction on sammys mouth was instantly better. I just wish one of the 4 midwives I checked his tongue with in hospital had found it out.
So glad we got this done :) We did not realise our little boy had a mid-lying tongue tie, until he was a couple of weeks old... those first 2 weeks of breast-feeding were so painful!! Straight after Suzanne snipped the tie, I could feel it was more comfortable and now (he is 10 weeks old) it is not at all painful.
Laela H
Positive Feedback After recommendation from an ex colleague, we were introduced to Babytobreast. We contacted Suzanne and an appointment was made quickly and efficiently. Within two weeks we met Suzanne and experienced a very detailed consultation. Suzanne examined our son and identified he had tongue tie and subsequently in great detail all the fors and against having the tongue tie division. We were not rushed into making a decision but both my husband and I felt we would go ahead based on the information provided. Suzanne carried out the procedure quickly and professionally and caused minimal distress to our 4 month old son. We would highly recommend.
Isabel H
Speedy and excellent service Valuable service offered with reassuring advice and practical tips, would recommend to others in similar situation.
Priscilla M
Successful visit Suzanne was fantastic. She knew so much, and explained everything in good detail. When she found our daughter had a posterior tongue tie, she did the frenulotomy quickly and our baby barely cried. She helped her to latch onto me straight after. Her feeding since has been so much better - she's like a new baby. Most importantly, she understood my baby as an individual and tailored her advice and treatment to her. So worth going private for this. Thank you!
Carly D
superb service Excellent professional service. Very kind and helpful in what could have been a stressful situation. Thank you
Katie B
Thank you After you cut Jacobs tongue tie he has been a happier baby that feeds better and sleeps better as a result. Thank you so much for your professional and efficient service not only have you helped Jacob but you have reassured us that everything is ok and sometimes the not knowing is the biggest part of any battle. I would recommend Suzanne's service to friends and strangers as she is professional yet friendly and has changed my sons life forever for the better.
Anna W
Thank you Suzanne was not only super professional and knowledgable but a thoroughly nice lady that made me feel totally at ease and reassured. The procedure to clip my sons tongue was quick and efficient and I'm so happy he's got full movement to his tongue now. Thank you x
Thank you I was very nervous about visiting Suzanne with my nearly 12 week old daughter for assessment and division of her posterior tongue tie. I didn't need to be. Suzanne was extremely welcoming, professional and above all kind. I can't tell you the difference it has made for my little girl and also my confidence in deciding to persevere with breast feeding. A million thanks to you.
Stacey Noble
Thank you! Suzanne did a fantastic job with our 4 week old. We had 2 midwives and a paediatrition tell us that our son did not have a tongue tie, fortunately suzsnnt diagnosed and treated the tongue tie. Immediately after treatment our baby breastfed like a dream! Thank you so much!
Lis Whelan
Thank you Suzanne Excellent service provided by Suzanne. We were very well informed by Suzanne before she carried out the tongue-tie division procedure on our 7 day old baby. We would have had a 2-4 week wait on the NHS for this procedure, whereas Suzanne could carry out the procedure within 1 day. This meant I could breastfeed my baby, without the pain and not resulting to formula feeding, which would have happened if we had to wait for an NHS appointment. My baby is now 6 weeks old and continues to feed well, through exclusively breastfeeding. I was apprehensive about the procedure but it was so quick and my baby did not even cry. I would certainly recommend Suzanne.
Imogen T
Tongue tie I was very satisfied with my visit to Suzanne for my daughters tongue tie clip. I only wish we'd had it done sooner so she didn't have so many unhappy weeks. Suzanne was kind and supportive and my daughter feeds so much better and family and friends have even noticed how much more content she is.
Catherine R
Tongue tie Suzanne had helped us so much, without her advice and expertise we would not be breastfeeding now!! I was at breaking point with feeding and Suzanne sorted out a posterior tongue tie which all other health professionals had missed. We eternally grateful for everything including Hey on going support. Highly recommended.
Tongue Tie We had our daughter's tongue tie snipped at 4 months and feeding had improved a lot since, she has been able to go a lot longer between feeds and weight gain has improved. Thank you.
Angela P
Tongue Tie Thanks for letting us arrange an appointment so quickly to sort out Thomas's tongue tie. We have now got the hang of breastfeeding which is a real relief, thank you :-)
natalie c
Tongue tie When we found out our son had tongue tie we were told we would have to wait 4 weeks on the nhs to get it sorted. When we contacted Suzanne she got back to us quickly and was able to fit us in the next day. She was very helpful and we were certainly glad to get it done so quickly.our son is now feeding much better.
Catherine R
Tongue tie Suzanne had helped us so much, without her advice and expertise we would not be breastfeeding now!! I was at breaking point with feeding and Suzanne sorted out a posterior tongue tie which all other health professionals had missed. We eternally grateful for everything including Hey on going support. Highly recommended.
Tongue tie assessment Helpful and unrushed assessment of our sons feeding and tongue. Recognised our concerns and was considerate of these. Really helped with improving breast feeding latch despite not having the frenulotomy.
Stuart W
Tongue Tie Consultation & Operation Suzanne was simply brilliant from start to finish. She was a consumate professional with a caring nature that made us feel so at ease. Her care and advice, prior, during and post his operation was impeccable. I cannot recommend her highly enough. My only wish is that there were more people like Suzanne with the appropriate level of training and knowledge within the NHS and maternity wards across the country so other babies wouldn't have to go through what ours did prior to us having to get him treated privately.
Chris C
Tongue Tied Thank you so much for seeing William the same day we called. Despite our nervousness of having the procedure done you put our mind to ease and within a week there was a significant improvement in the feeding for mum and baby. 4 weeks on and breast feeding is going brilliantly, thank you. Chris and Emma
Claire P
Tongue tie division Suzanne successfully divided my baby boys tongue tie at 2 weeks of age. I got a same day appointment and Suzanne was so accommodating and understanding and professional. The procedure was quick and the service we received was brilliant. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend baby to breast for this procedure, it truly changed the way he fed and immediately made a difference to my comfort level Whilst feeding. Thank you Suzanne, I wouldn't still be breast feeding if it wasn't for you!
Tongue tie division We saw Suzanne for assessment and division of my son's tongue-tie which was causing pain when feeding. She was very helpful on the phone accommodated us outside of her normal appointment times as we were travelling quite a distance to see her. She was very professional and friendly and the procedure was performed efficiently. I would be happy to recommend her services to family and friends.
Amy Parren
Tongue tie division Review of Suzanne (B) Amazing service, friendly, kind, supportive, professional and has helped my son and myself in more ways than one. Many thanks Suzanne!
Sarah A
Tongue tie division Suzanne was able to see us on the same day we called. We were made to feel at ease with the whole process. Suzanne explained the procedure to us very clearly and dealt with our questions and concerns. The procedure itself was carried out very quickly to minimise stress for both us and baby. The recovery process following the division was exactly as Suzanne said it would be and we've had no problems. Breastfeeding took us a while to get right following the division however our baby was very small and slow to feed. Now completely up and running and have no regrets.
emma d
tongue tie procedure efficient professional service. Was a problem with appt booking system but this was quickly noticed and rectified. If you are unsure about tongue tie then a consultation is well worth the money, I trust that the procedure would only be offered if truly necessary so id encourage anyone with problems suspected to be caused by tongue tie and you are getting nowhere in the nhs to book up. Helped us. Thanks
Juliet H
Very happy customer We managed to get an appointment the next day. This was very important as I was sore. Suzanne explained the process thoroughly and has provided a full report including before and after photos (I really liked this). She was also very family friendly with my toddler son. Thanks Suzanne!
Amy H
Transformed breastfeeding - highly recommended I had a challenging breastfeeding journey, which despite repeated visits to the GP and HV was not resolved until a friend suggested I contact a private lactation consultant who immediately suspected tongue tie and put me on to Suzanne. By this point my son was 19 weeks old! My husband and I were nervous about the division and pretty overwrought generally, given the ongoing feeding problems. We needn't have worried - Susanne was warm, professional and reassuring and the division was no worse than a vaccination and our lb was smiling at Suzanne within 5 minutes! For an older baby, like ours, it isn't an immediate fix and it took about 3 weeks for the feeding to settle down, but now 2 months on the transformation is huge. I can now hardly remember the hourly feeds and the clicking, chocking and having him hold him to the breast. It has transformed the feeding experience for me and my lb - highly recommended.
Sarah V
Tongue tie redone We had the tt division done for a second time as our daughter wasn't feeding well at all and her weight gain had slowed right down. I'm pleased to report she has been feeding a lot better since and put on over 1lb in 2 weeks.
Heather B
Tongue tie snip My 4 month old son had a complete tongue tie and I was very nervous about having it cut. I felt very relaxed as soon as I met Suzanne. The whole experience was quick and easy and my baby has been feeding very well ever since! Thank you suzanne!
Lauren G
Tounge tie I would really recommend Suzanne, my little boy had a tounge tie division at 6 weeks old and it was the best thing we had done! Feeding alot better and no more chocking. Suzanne made me feel very at ease and explained everything to me in great detail thank you very much. .
Susanna W
What a relief It was a relief when Suzanne assessed our 13 week old daughter. The toungue tie which had been snipped on hospital when she was 9 days old had not bee effective and therefore there was a reason I had found Breastfeeding so difficult and ineffective for Lucy. Suzanne was empathetic and took all the time I needed throughout - thank you.
Melanie F
Very happyq We went to Suzanne to have our 3 week olds toungue tie fixed. The procedure was over very quickly and my baby started breast feeding immediately following the procedure. Suzanne was very helpful and offered lots of helpful advice too.
Charles E
Very Professional and Helpful From a very late booking for us to a very swift and professional service it was top rate. Couldn't ask for more.
Emily D
Wonderful! Suzanne diagnosed and divided our one-week-old son's tongue tie. She was kind, professional and thorough, answered all our questions and took great care with our son. She took the time to help us with feeding positions too. My husband and I felt totally confident in Suzanne and the improved feeding over the following week backed that up. We wouldn't hesitate to recommend Suzanne for both tongue tie and feeding advice.
Nicola P
Worth every penny I was so pleased with the excellent service provided by Babytobreast. My newborn was unable to breast feed but following the very quick and simple procedure performed by Babytobreast, he was able to feed immediately. Suzanne spent valuable time with us both to ensure that the process was effective. We didn't feel rushed at all. In fact, given how many patients she deals with on a daily/weekly basis, we were made to feel as though we were receiving preferential treatment. This service was worth every penny for my baby and me and I would happily recommend it to any new mother in the same position. Thank you
Duncan G
Tongue tie Excellent service and our little girl was in safe hands
Amy B
Tt division Very good service put both myself and baby at ease.